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Learning New Things


help2kids-01Another two weeks have passed and we are all doing well at help2kids. We had two recent holidays, and took advantage of the first one by taking the small children to the beach. They had fun, but it was not the warmest day, so everyone got out of the water shivering, and we decided we may have to wait to go swimming again until after the rainy season passes.

help2kids-02On the second holiday, we took the older children to a nearby art gallery called Karibu Art Gallery. The owner is an art historian, and gave our two groups (the boys and the girls) each a free one-hour tour. All of the art in the gallery was made in Tanzania by Tanzanian artists so the children learned a lot about their own culture. They were on their very best behavior and really liked the experience. (The pictures are: left – the girls in the museum, below – playing outside the museum (Taussi and Prisca, Suzy being silly, Star and Happy J.), and the boys listening attentively to the owner of the museum).

In the past few weeks we’ve had four wonderful new volunteers join us. Phil, Susi, Michele, and Seraina are all great additions to our team and working very hard with the children. They have already done some new and exciting projects, such as doing sing-alongs with the guitar and teaching the mamas some basic computer skills. Also, Kristina has returned from Switzerland to work with us for another three months. It’s great to have her back!

help2kids-07Prices for staple foods in Tanzania continue to rise, making it more and more expensive to feed 30 growing children, and causing more and more people in the community go hungry. help2kids supports a local primary school by providing money for hot lunch, which for some students is the only meal they get all day. Please continue to support us, so we can continue to help those in need.

Wishing you a very pleasant week.
Kind regards,
Karina Catlin, Field Manager, help2kids