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Digital Lab / Computer Classes

With the construction of a Digital Lab / IT Centre and a library, together with the support of the Accentus Foundation, we have decided to provide easy access to education, computers, and protected learning. This benefits not only the more than 80 children from our help2kids Day Care Centre, but also all children from our help2kids education programs (ESP) as well as our partner schools. With this digital project, we are now also supporting hundreds of children in the community in which help2kids is active. The project optimally complements our successful education projects that have been in place for years.


Although primary and secondary education in Tanzania is provided free of charge by the government, there are additional costs that prevent students from low-income families from accessing education. Apart from standard costs for uniforms, transport to and from school and school meals, there are two main barriers: Insufficient access to learning materials, especially books and computers.

By opening a library and a Digital Lab where we teach computer skills, we create the following opportunities:

  • Access to textbooks for all ages from pre-school to university level
  • Access to reading material especially in English, but also in Swahili
  • Reading lessons in English and Swahili
  • Regular and structured student debates
  • Instruction in basic use of computers, the Internet and key software programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access
  • Lessons using appropriate apps to support traditional school material through fun learning using tablets or laptops
  • Access to the internet to conduct research for school projects
  • General practice and familiarization with tablets, laptops, the Internet, apps, and software programs

This enables us to reach over 1000 children from our partner projects:

  • Children from our Campus Day Care Centre
  • Pupils from our state primary partner school (Pwani Primary School)
  • Pupils from our education program (various primary and secondary schools, senior secondary schools, and universities)
  • Children from our partner orphanages (Chakuwama & Watoto Wetu)

As a volunteer you can support the kids in this help2kids project in Tanzania. You can find more information about volunteering here.

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