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Frequently asked questions

How can I donate?

You can donate via our website and an amount of your choice. Please find our account details on our donation page.

What happens with my donation?

The donations are uniquely devoted to our projects in Tanzania and Malawi. You can donate the amount of money of your choice or items needed in Tanzania and Malawi. A list of needed items is available on our website. All incoming donations are registered and a confirmation is issued (if we receive your name and address with the transaction).

Who is supervising the projects in Tanzania and Malawi?

In each country a Field Manager oversees all aid projects. In addition, each larger aid project has its own Project Manager who is supported by staff members and interns.

How do I get informed about current and new projects?

All important news are available on our website. We communicate as much as possible about our projects. We regularly give an overview about the advancement of our projects in Tanzania and Malawi. Of course, you can contact us per e-mail to info@help2kids.org if you want further information or details.

Does help2kids publish articles and reports? Are these reports and articles available to the public?

Yes help2kids puts maximum emphasis on transparent communication with the donors, sponsors, and all our partners. You can find information on our website but also participate to our forums:

  • You can find pictures and news on our blog
  • We publish a Newsletter four times a year
  • We organize an Annual Meeting for the members and partners of help2kids
  • We publish articles and PR reports in selected media Link Media
  • We make photo-brochures
  • We perform public presentations (Kiwanis Club, Schools, Marketing experts, events, etc.)

Can I visit the aid projects of help2kids in Tanzania and Malawi?

You are welcome! We can offer you a convenient accommodation at guest houses closely located to our aid projects. Like this you can see by yourself how the aid projects are organized. If you are interested, please send us a message to info@help2kids.org.

Who controls the correct use of the donations?

Transparency is one of our fundamental values. All donations are registered immediately and spent under the control of the Management Board in Switzerland and in cooperation with the Field Managers and Projects Managers on site. Further on – as mentioned above – our financial reports are audited by an external audit firm.

How is help2kids regulated?

help2kids is constituted as an association under Swiss Law and registered as a non-profit and charity organisation in Zug, Switzerland. Moreover, help2kids is a registered charity in Germany by its sub-association “help2kids Germany e.V.”. help2kids provides an annual report, which is available on our website and published every year (see the website about our organization).

Is help2kids recognized by the Tanzanian and Malawian authorities?

help2kids was officially recognized as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the Tanzanian authorities in August 2010.
help2kids has been recognized as a charity association and works closely with the Tansanian local authorities. Also in Malawi we are a registered association.

Certificate of Registration Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) (Download PDF)

Where can I find the annual report of help2kids?

Our annual reports are available on our website. Anyone, private donors and companies interested in our association can download it and read it. It is published every year at the end of May. Since the management of an NGO in Africa is not very easy and the administrative work sometimes takes a lot longer than expected, we already apologize here for any possible delays.

Are donations to help2kids tax-deductible?

All donations to help2kids are tax-deductible in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and France. All donations to our sub-association help2kids Germany e.V. can also be fully considered for tax purposes. For the tax situation in other countries please see your local tax regulations.

Can I work for help2kids?

Of course you can and you are welcome! We need motivated and educated people for our association. We also offer up to 16 volunteer placements for our organisation in Tanzania and up to 12 volunteer placements in Malawi.

For current job openings, please see here Jobs.

If you are interested in participating to our organization and need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and send your questions to the following address: info@help2kids.org