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The Rain


These past few weeks we have been experiencing torrential rain almost every day, turning our backyard into a small lake. In Tanzania rain is always thought of as a blessing because the farmers need it to make their crops grow. However, it does make certain things harder, like driving on dirt roads and walking to school, and it causes the mosquitos to come, making us take many more trips to the hospital for malaria. This week Fransisca and Simon tested positive for malaria, but are both feeling much better now. The rain also brings out the frogs. Sometimes at night the croaking is so loud that it is almost hard to carry on a conversation! It sounds like we are living in the rain forest. (Pictures: (1) best friends Winstoni and Kulwa (they are playing with a shoe that they made into a boat for 3 beetles!), (2) Evaristo and Puis standing in the puddles under our new English – Swahili wall, (3) the rain)


Probably also because of the rains, the wall the separates our house from our neighbor’s house came crashing down on Saturday evening. Luckily no one was injured and it is now being rebuilt!


Last week, a wonderful short-term volunteer named Arianna completed a great new video about help2kids. Arianna is from the US but now lives in New Zealand. She was visiting Dar es Salaam for a few months and offered to work on some projects for us. We are very proud of the video and very thankful to Arianna for her hard work and dedication!



Finally, every few months we have to get the coconuts down from the trees so they do not fall and hurt anyone. Last week we hired a man to come remove them, and we were all in awe of his climbing abilities! As an added bonus, our cooks are now preparing many of our meals with delicious fresh coconut!

Thank you for your support of help2kids! We could not do the work we do without you. (Pictures: (1) Lidia, Zainabu, Dorie, and Simon, (2) Suzy and Augusti washing clothes)

Best regards, 

Karina Catlin, Field Manager