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Volunteering with help2kids lets you experience Tanzania firsthand!

Volunteering help2kids Tanzania

Our volunteers play an important role in our projects, providing much-needed support, assistance, and individual attention that is crucial for children’s education and development. As a volunteer for help2kids you will be participating in a meaningful way in projects that are valued by the community with whom we work. Your work makes a difference!

help2kids offers 15 volunteer placements in Dar es Salaam, a fast-growing, bustling Tanzanian city.

Our team in Tanzania consists of 16 permanent employees (local and international). As a volunteer you will experience first hand the work of a very international team in Africa.

The volunteers are accommodated at our Volunteer House in Kunduchi, which offers a convenient and safe accommodation at a reasonable price. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be supporting you to settle in and helps you with your new tasks at the projects. Every week a volunteer meeting takes place to coordinate the work of the volunteers, the needs of the projects and to share experiences and stories.

You should be at least 18 years old and willing to stay at least two weeks with us.

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Volunteers support us on the following projects:

During school holidays we organize special projects for the kids, that volunteers can help with. These might be sports and arts projects, computer lessons or extra tutoring in English.

Our projects in Tanzania are all located in and around Kunduchi in Dar es Salaam (approx. 40 minutes by car from the city center). Some projects are directly on the help2kids Campus, others easily reachable by bus. See our map for a better overview.

Testimonials von Volunteers in Tansania, Afrika.

"I've been helping out during meal times too. Whether it's cooking, serving, or tidying up, I'm happy to lend a hand. It's all part of creating a positive environment for these amazing kids."

Marina, 26 years, Germany
Tanzania 2024

"Teaching computer lessons to secondary school students was equally rewarding. I recognized the importance of digital skills in today's world, and it was fulfilling to empower students with the knowledge they need to thrive."

Nicolas, 20 years, Brazil
Tanzania 2024

» I really like to look back. It was an instructive time. I was challenged, for example when I was teaching English, but it was a challenge that I was happy to take on, because the kids and people give you so much in return. With all the different project with help2kids you get to meet and to work with different people who are all great. Just go for it 🙂 «

Angela, 27 Years, Germany
Tanzania 2023

» The Swiss organization help2kids and all our volunteering programs are under Swiss management. Over 650 international volunteers have placed their trust in us in more than 15 years. Our team in Tanzania is looking forward to welcoming and supporting you on your volunteer assignment in Tanzania. - Get involved today! «

help2kids NGO Organisation
Swiss Head Office I Tanzanian Projects
2024, Zug, Switzerland

» I just had a grest time with help2kids in Daressalam Tansania. Everyone was totally friendly and helpful. You could creat your week free. That means you could say were and when you want to join the different projects. The Mamas and Staff were always there for you and so the natives at the projects. Everyone was looking for a good time! The Campus and the Projects are jut amazing with the kids. I will definitly recoment it and I will come again for sure! See ya! «

Faye, 26 Years, USA
Tanzania 2022

»It was an unforgettable time for me. Althought it took me some courage to go to Tanzania it was the best desicion i have ever taken! The first 2 weeks i was helping and teaching at the nursery in the mornings. You will teach the kids some basic english or colors and so on. I will never foget how they always called me "teacha" To be part of that development is just priceless. You will also fall in love with the way of life in Tanzania. How warm and hospital people are. I loved how they all live together in peace and how relaxed they are. No matter where you will be volunteering with help2kids you will have a great time as it will teach you so much for your life!

Nicole 25 Years, France
Tanzania 2022

» I had a great time during my stay in Tanzania. The help2kids campus is well located from the different projects. All the people are very nice and they helped me a lot getting to know the new place. I was helping to teach english at a primary school. During my stay there were three other volunteers with whom I could exchange ideas or help each other to prepare classes for the next day. We went out to eat together, we did a Safari tour, went to a rain forest and been on a trip to Zanzibar. I really enjoyed my time at the help2kids campus and i can recommend it for everyone! «

Nadine, 26 Years, Switzerland
Tanzania, 2022

» My name is Paul and I've been to help2kids in Tanzania for the 3rd time this year. Like every year it was an unforgettable time with the kids and local people! Simply register as Volunteer and learn more about the many projects on site. Bye Paul «

Paul, 36 Years, Germany
Tanzania 2021, 2022 and 2023


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