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help2kids Education Sponsorship Program


While primary school and secondary education in Tanzania is funded by the government, there are many additional costs that still hinder poorer students. Many of our students cannot afford School uniforms, books, or even transportation and are forced to end their education after primary school, which leaves them with limited career options. Through the help2kids Education Sponsorship Program, students can attend secondary school and are given all the tools they need to thrive over the four years. Read our Education Sponsorship Concept and Package Cost Breakdown to learn more about the program.

Below you can find the top students from Bajeviro Primary School that currently need education sponsors. Each student has graduated from Standard 7 and is now preparing for secondary school, which starts in January. Through education sponsorship, you can ensure that they continue their education.

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Sponsor a student today!


You can also donate to the general sponsorship fund. These contributions will be distributed to the most pressing needs of the program. Every donation aids a child’s education!



Read more on how sponsors and our Education Sponsorship Coordinator are making a difference in the lives of students in Tanzania and giving them an opportunity to pursue their passions!

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