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help2kids Education Sponsorship Program


While Primary and Secondary School education in Tanzania is theoretically free, there are many additional costs that prevent students from low-income families attending school. Our students cannot afford school uniforms, books, school meals or even transportation. Their financial situation causes them to start their education late and in many cases also drop out early. Not finishing their formal education leaves them with very limited career options.

Through the help2kids Education Sponsorship Program students can attend school and are given all the tools they need to thrive on their educational path.

By sponsoring a child’s pre-school education, you ensure that they start Primary School well-prepared and also give the parents more time to earn a living for their family, knowing their child is well-looked after.

Sponsoring a student’s Secondary School education, gives a top student from a poor background the chance to continue with their education and ultimately become well-rounded members of their community. We believe in the power of education and its ability to increase opportunities.


Read our Education Sponsorship Concept to learn more about the program.

Sponsor a student today!


You can also donate to the general sponsorship fund. These contributions will be distributed to the most pressing needs of the program. Even a relatively small amount really can make a big difference!



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