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Our Management Team in Tanzania 


Bea Wieland is the Field manager for help2kids in Tanzania. She has been working in the non-profit industry for 20 years. Mostly on the service provider side, but also at a foundation that works for the well-being of children and young people in Switzerland. Her heart has been beating for Africa for a long time and with her employment at help2kids she has fulfilled her dream of living and working in Tanzania. She brings a wide range of experience and an open mind to tackle the numerous challenges as a field manager and to support the team and the projects on site in Tanzania. 

Donald Dande is originally from Arusha(Northern part of Tanzania). He graduated from Victoria institute of Health majoring in Clinical Medicine. He has over three intensive experience in non-profit industry working with different organisations and mostly leading and managing number of health projects and ever since he has been keen to persue his career in not for profit organisations. After graduating he was immediately offered a  position at a UK based international NGO called Tumaini Jipya as Health Programs Coordinator, he then joined another UK based International NGO called Africa Health Organisation as Country Director until he decided to end his contract for his own wish to join Help2kids as Health Program Manager.


Emmanuel Ngassa, originally from Mwanza (Tanzania) is our help2kids Educational Sponsorship Program Manager. Emmanuel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) in 2017.  In 2018, he worked with help2kids as a Primary School volunteer at Bajeviro and in 2019 he was offered a full-time job at the school teaching Standard II.  Having joined the ESP Team in August 2020, his primary focus is to work collaboratively with the rest of the help2kids departments to help deliver the continued growth of the Educational Sponsorship Programme so that an ever increasing number of children from challenging backgrounds get the gift of education.




Amos Omela is from the lake zone, Mwanza in Tanzania. He graduated a driving course in the VETA Training centre, Buhangija in 2010 before joining help2kids in 2015. He has since helped with our health project as driver and trainer on First Aid with many other office activities. Since beginning of 2022 Amos is now our help2kids Campus Manager.

Newton Mathias is originally from Tabora region. He graduated with a master degree in international relations at the university of Dodoma (UDOM). He is dedicated in working with non-profit organizations, previously enrolled with WHO in 2019 in an emergence response team. In 2021 he worked with Digital opportunity Trust (D.O.T) as a facilitator for digital business programs. Having joined help2kids as a Computer and Library project manager his primary focus is working collaboratively with the rest of the team so as to get our kids engaged and acquire new technological skills through computer studies so that they can cope up with the global technological advancement and help growing their future carriers.


Contact the Management Team under: info@help2kids.org