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Our Team in Africa 

help2kids staff in Tanzania and Malawi.

Binta Ceesay (USA) is the Field Manager for help2kids Tanzania. Binta holds a Master of Public Health degree in Global Health with a concentration in Community Health and Development. She has spent her career working to combat global health issues and make education universally accessible. Binta’s work has focused on joining health equity and education for youth through research, teaching, and program delivery. Binta has conducted health research in Tanzania and the US Virgin Islands. Most recently Binta wrote her dissertation on strategic responses to Zika virus while completing her studies in Atlanta, Georgia. She is now the help2kids Field Manager in Tanzania, and manages and provides support to all of our amazing staff on the ground. 





Marina Snozou ( Syprus) Start working as a Primary School and Assistant Field Manager for help2kids in January 2019. She has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work from Lancaster University and has  Previously volunteered in Tanzania. Following her degree she received experience in the educational field as a teacher in the social field particularly working with refugees in Cyprus. She is passionate about providing a holistic education to  children, inspiring them to reach their full potential in a caring environment. Marina's role at help2kids allows her to put this passion into practice and explore different ways to achieve this goal.




Mama Leah (Tanzania) is the Children’s Home Manager and has worked for help2kids since 2010. Mama Leah is from Kilimanjaro.  After graduating from Usangi Secondary School, she completed her studies in Childcare at Upendo College. She then worked for a private school in Dar es Salaam for three years before starting at help2kids. Mama Leah plays an integral role at the Children’s Home. She manages our wonderful staff and is a kind and positive caregiver. She is married and has a son named Alex, who the kids at the Children's Home view as a little brother. 




Imerine Lyakurwa (Tanzania) is the Health Project Manager with help2kids. Originally from Arusha, Tanzania, Imerine graduated with a degree in Sociology from the University of Dar Es Salaam in 2012. Over the past few years, she has served as a volunteer with Equal Opportunity for All Trust Fund and held a Business Relations position with MIM Co. in Tanzania. In her current role, she oversees the wellbeing of more the more than 700 children involved in the program, manages the Health Project partner database, and collaborates with outside organizations to organize new health workshops. Imerine hopes to one day pursue a master’s degree in Public Health.  



Erik Lang (France, Norway) is the help2kids Volunteer Program Manager, he has in the past used his experience to help Sunseed, a Spanish NGO, welcome volunteers and communicate methods of sustainable living. He previously worked in international corporate & consumer communications in Dubai and in London. These experiences have given him insight into managing communication campaigns across regions. Before starting his professional career, Erik studied the relationships between Non-Verbal Communication and deception. Erik obtained his M.Sc. in Social and Public Communication with Distinction at the London School of Economics. On a personal note, Erik is also an avid traveler and has been to over 70 countries.



Kasmiri Massion (Tanzania) is the Education Sponsorship Coordinator with help2kids. He graduated with a degree in Environmental Planning and Management from the Institute of Rural Development Planning in 2015. Kasmiri has worked with several NGOs in Tanzania including Raleigh International's water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project in rural Tanzania, with the ICS volunteering program as a volunteer and team leader, with Swiss Contact as assistant project officer, and with the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) as a research assistant. At help2kids Kasmiri acts as the main point of contact for sponsors and the help2kids accounting team in Switzerland.




Haika Holden Kimaro (Tanzania) holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications from University of Dar es Salaam. She has experience working with Pathfinder International as a Research Assistant in Family Planning Project. Also, she worked with Iris Executive Development Center as a Chief Editor for a business magazine and served in the marketing department with Elite Career choices. Now she is help2kids Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator in Tanzania. In her current role, she coordinates all fundraising activities in all of the projects and leading in marketing activities in Tanzania.

Our Team in Malawi


Garrett Berghoff (USA) is the Field Manager for help2kids and the Guesthouse Manager for the Friendly Gecko in Malawi. After graduating from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Economics and Psychology, he moved to Malawi to live and work in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. There, he focused project development and media production, collaborating with a team of people who migrated from Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi. Garrett and his team focused on a range of projects including education, literacy, women’s empowerment, and nutrition. He is grateful to continue his work in Malawi where he is dedicated to the management of educational and medical services for the greater community of Lifuwu.


Mercy Mvula (Malawi) help2kids Volunteer Coordinator in Malawi. She is an  Economist and Certified Women Economic Justice Advocate and peer educator with over three years of practical experience in advocacy for gender equality, women and girls empowerment, youth mentorship and empowerment and the protection of Children’s rights. Currently she is the National mentorship coordinator for the network (Youth to youth empowerment). In 2014 she started an initiative called Basic Life which aims at women economic empowerment and girl child education by connecting sponsors to needy and brilliant girls to stay in school. She is also part of women in Development in Africa.




Mustapher Shaiba (Malawi) is the Sponsorship Coordinator for help2kids Malawi. Mustapher graduated from the Sponsorship program in 2016 and became a part of the team shortly after. Having gone through sponsorship, Mustapher is aware of all needs and deadlines for ESP. He is a great person to have on the team.

Patson Mtalimanja (Malawi) is the Assistant Manager of the Friendly Gecko Guesthouse. He started working for us in July 2012. Patson is a bricklayer and builder by trade and assists us with many different kinds of work at the guesthouse and at our help2kids projects.

Anette Gomani (Malawi) is our wonderful cook and housekeeper.  She has been with help2kids since the very beginning and is an excellent chef.  If you're lucky, you'll get to experience her incredible pizza!

Lekeleni (Leke) Phiri (Malawi) is our Cleaner and Assistant Cook.  She has been working at the Friendly Gecko for several years.  Leke has one child and is a beautiful singer. 

Isaac Gomani (Malawi) is one of our guards, and he is no stranger to the Friendly Gecko since he is Annete’s husband!  In the past, Isaac has run businesses in fisheries and agriculture.

Amidu Sigere James (Malawi) is one of our guards here at the Friendly Gecko.  He loves to paint, and you'll never miss him due to the amazing hats he tends to do during the day while working!

Daniel Jango Banda (Malawi) is part of our guard staff as well.  He is a native of Lifuwu village, and lives here with his wife and children.  Daniel is a carpenter by trade, and has done much of the woodworking here at the Gecko.