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 Health Project

The help2kids Health Project promotes the physical and mental health of poor & vulnerable children in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We offer free high quality medical services to over 1’000 children in Dar es Salaam with the goal of improving overall healthcare in Tanzania and the individual children’s well-being. Our ambition is to help each child ultimately fulfill their potential.

The help2kids Health Project acts as free health insurance (medical, dental, and optical) for over 1’000 children from poor backgrounds, covering all costs: transport, consultation, medication, follow-up visits… We focus on two key elements of health – namely prevention and treatment.

Our goal is to see each child grow up healthy and take full advantage of their education, to better help them succeed in life.

Our Beneficiaries

The help2kids Health Project offers its services to children in Tanzania from our own projects and our partner organisations (the figures are approximate):

Campus Day Care Centre
(80 children)

Education Sponsorship Programme
(100 children)
Pwani Primary School
(700 children)

Watoto Wetu Orphanage
(50 children)

Chakuwama Orphanage
(60 children)

What We Do

In terms of prevention, we educate the children and caregivers on relevant disease and health issues. Through these workshops we promote health advocacy and positive behavioral change. We cover topics like basic first aid, nutrition, personal hygiene, menstrual hygiene, sexual and reproductive health, dental hygiene etc. Our focus is to educate the children and caregivers on what can be realistically utilized by them.
In terms of treatment, we offer direct healthcare provision to children who cannot easily access health facilities. We transport the sick child from their orphanage, school or home, to the hospital, pay for all medical services then transport them back. This includes the purchase of all medication prescribed by the doctors and escorting them to see a specialist when required.
Apart from that, we supply our beneficiaries with a first aid cabinet which is regularly restocked with first aid materials and basic medication, ensuring they are well equipped to treat minor issues themselves before seeking further medical help if need be. In addition to meeting their physical health needs, we address their mental health needs as well. Through workshops and training on mental health issues, we teach and discuss topics that enlighten and empower the children and caregivers to be self-aware, confident and live healthier lives.

Our Partners

To provide high quality healthcare and health education to our beneficiaries, help2kids partners with various local organisations in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

  • Heso Pharmacy
  • Armi Polyclinic
  • Chance Optical Care
  • Smiles Dental Clinic
  • Hearwell Audiology Clinic
  • Relini Hospital
  • Lugalo Hospital
  • Sinza Palestina Hospital

As a volunteer you can support the kids in this help2kids project in Tanzania. You can find more information about volunteering here.