About us / Mission & Vision

About Us

help2kids came into being after my wife and I returned from a three week holiday in Tanzania in August 2008.

Although we had tried to research our destination as thoroughly as possible we discovered upon our arrival, that we knew little about the many challenges of life in East Africa, specifically, the poverty, corruption, and the many health issues people face, including AIDS and Malaria.

Jambo (Hello in Swahili)

With 50 pairs of shoes for children in our luggage we flew to Mombasa. I cannot express in words the surprise and joy on the faces of the children when we distributed the shoes at an orphanage.

During our visit we were shocked by the sight of poverty. At the same time however, we fell in love with the beautiful countries we visited. I cannot describe how many incredibly impressive moments we experienced and how many unforgettable people we met. We were also in awe of the natural beauty of the country, and of the breathtaking wildlife. 

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Upon our return we decided to try to help children in East Africa. Slowly but surely the development of our organization began taking shape. Today, we are running a Day Care Centre, we are supporting a local Primary School and we are providing free health care for nearly 1000 children and youth in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We also offer sponsorships to students in both countries.

Our objective is to give some of the most vulnerable children in Tanzania access to the basic necessities that all children deserve; education, food and health care so that they can break out of the cycle of poverty and live happy, productive lives. We believe in the power of education and the potential of all children. Help us to help, today!

Frank and Maria Hakenjos
Founders help2kids


Our Mission

We help Kids NOW! is the basic principle of help2kids.

Children: It is our ultimate objective and principle to help kids NOW! Children are the most vulnerable in our society. Hence, we are committed to render every possible assistance to ensure that they achieve a bright and sustainable future.

Awareness: We want to increase awareness about the major challenges that children growing up in Africa face. This will help us achieve our objectives as well as encourage public willingness to get involved and to contribute.

Projects: Our planned projects are being put into practice efficiently, reliably, and without a lot of bureaucracy. We continuously monitor the development and current status of all project work on-site. We are politically and religiously independent.

Funds: We handle financial contributions entrusted to us with care. We ensure that they are systematically applied in order to successfully achieve the implementation of our projects in Tanzania. We work together with private donors, corporate donors, and project sponsors (provision of goods / non-cash benefits). We communicate openly, and we are completely transparent at all times. The financial statements are audited by external audit firms and will be made available online.


Our Vision

help2kids strives to allow children the pursuit of a better and more sustainable future.

We tackle poverty: We strive to alleviate poverty in tangible, sustainable ways and are committed to improving the living conditions and opportunities for children in Tanzania so they can reach their full potential. 

We offer fair opportunities: We strive to offer parentless children the opportunity for education, nutrition, healthcare, and a place to live and thrive.

We are committed: We strive to help children realize their full potential and are committed to equipping them with the tools necessary to reach that potential.

We offer perspective:  We strive to give young people a lasting and new perspective.