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It strikes me everytime as totally absurd and even almost obscene to drive by the advertisement of a pay-TV provider that shows two kids and their statement “I can’t do without 6 kiddies channels on TV”. A couple of meters further down the road on the red lights, you have kids that come “washing” the windscreen of the car in the hope for a couple of Shillings in order for them to buy food. Or to pass them on to their parents who probably sent them on the streets. What do they think reading this? Or, what would they think if they could read it?

In the last couple of weeks, we had at least 4 or 5 electricity blackouts. And with “we” that means the whole of Dar es Salaam. So for once, this bustling and busy town is astonishingly quiet already quite early. But what might be amusing the first time can get quite annyoing after the second or third time and you start realising how much depends on electricity. For us at the orphanage that means for instance no running water since the water pipes are not working (especially funny if you just come back from a run and are longing for a shower). Also, the ventilators of course don’t work which is a bit of a problem when it is over 30 degrees in the room and you are trying to sleep. I can’t help but wondering if it is a coincident that these blackouts only started after the elections?

An absolutely fantastic place I discovered is “Mbudya Island”. It’s a small island, a nature reserve actually. The good thing is that it can be reached very easily by boat from a hotel just 5 minutes from our orphanage. The trip in the boat itself takes about 20 minutes, so it’s a great way of spending a Sunday, getting away from the traffic and noise of Dar es Salaam and relax under a tree in the white sand. Since I’ve heard that there is snow already in Europe, I will publish some pictures that might give you a little inspiration for your next holiday… Oh, and the grilled fish they serve tastes absolutely brilliant as well, very enjoyable, especially in such an environment.

Besides that, I also did some work of course, and I am looking forward to next week when our two mamas will start working. Also, I got confirmation this week from the office for social welfare, that “THE report” has been sent to the commissioner, so to the person in charge to grant the license. I am still very optimistic that I will see the first children move in before my return to Switzerland – I’ll keep you posted!


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