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A little rain


Africas best gutter in action

So, it looks as if the start of the rainy season has begun. It almost feels like being back home in Switzerland, where you work all week, all week it’s nice weather, and when you plan a trip or an excursion for sunday, you can be sure that this will be the rainy day of the week.  So my planned sunday excursion to Kipepeo beach had to be cancelled. Well, I don’t want to complain about the weather, since it has been the first rainy day since early September. But it really WAS a rainy day, and if I hadn’t heard it already when I woke up in the morning, I definitely would have realised it stepping (or should I say swimming?) through the kitchen. Unfortunately, our newly renovated roof didn’t seem to be waterproof. I was almost more curious however to find out if the gutter (yes, the one where I almost had to amputate my foot) would do it’s job properly, and keep the yard from flooding. Additionally, the path Rafal and I built should help make potential visitors go into the house on dry feet. How happy I was to see that despite the strong rain, everything worked as it was supposed to. That was until 9 o’clock I have to say, but soon after our garden looked like probably about 90% of Dar es Salaams roads, where it seems the word “drainage” hasn’t made its way into Swahili dictionaries.

Also, it looks as if we have found our second mama, so definitely we should be all set to finally take up children. She is just about to complete her education at the “mama’s college” in Moshi and came here for the interview. Imagine, that means 10 hours in the bus to get here, and 10 hours back again next day. Ok, as a bonus she was able to taste my world famous, outstandingly delicious and extraordinary pasta bolognese. I really hope she wants the job because she likes working forhelp2kids, and not because of my pasta sauce.

Most importantly however, I am happy to welcome Cassie in our team. She will start working for help2kids as a center manager beginning of December and we are very excited and happy to have her in our team.

More again next week


???????????????????????????????…two hours later

???????????????????????????????Why does my breakfast cereal taste a little watery today??