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Vacation Weeks and Kunduchi Construction



Vacation continues on for the fifth week at help2kids. The volunteers and the staff have been doing an excellent job keeping the children busy.

As mentioned in our last blog, we started building a new classroom for the nursery school and community center in Kunduchi. It is a very basic construction but it allows the children to attend our classes in a shaded place and protected from the rain. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, the building was constructed very cost and time efficiently. It is already finished and we started using it for our classes.

help2kids-13 Stefanie, a volunteer from Austria, brought a parachute game for the children to play with, and they had a wonderful time doing that last week.

We have been taking weekly trips to the beach. The boys went last week Friday, and the girls get to go this Friday. Other favorite activities of the children lately include going to the market with the mamas, learning new songs, and playing monster! The children also love playing with our adorable kittens named Brightness and Orange.

Our resource room is now fully up and running, thanks to Bibi Vari for the great shelf and the organizational skills of our volunteers.


I wish you all a great week ahead.

Best wishes,
Karina Catlin – Field Manager