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Karibu new volunteers



Mambo to everybody! That’s Francesca again, writing and updating you about the news in Mbezi Beach. The past days have been hectic as usual and every day we have to deal with new tasks. But finally we are not alone anymore: 3 more volunteers just arrived and already started to give a hand in orphanage. 

Let me introduce you Janina from Germany, Mathilde and Johanne from France.  They will write a short introduction on our team Tanzania page on Monday (if we have electricity). We are all very happy to have more people around.


The kids already love them and in the next days the girls will start to organize classes in order to support and teach English to the kids: the schools in Tanzania are not excellent and so one of our tasks is to help the kids to improve their English. And of course they are going to be super playmates, amusing the kids with new games.


Our super skilled volunteer Kristina has finished painting the gate. The actual gate is marvelous and finally we have help2kids logo on our orphanage! Asante sana Kristina for your job.

We are getting close to the end of this infinite rainy season. And we do really hope that this will mean a decrease in the number of kids affected by malaria (during the last week we had 3 kids with malaria). We are now dealing with a new kind of disease: we already had few kids affected by inflamed swellings that must be incised and drained. Poor kids, the bulges are very itchy and the small surgical operation is very painful (performed without any kind of painkillers). We are still trying to understand what cause these swellings. Hopefully in the next blog we will be able to give you more explanations.


1st of June is getting closer, and that means that our guest house is opening very soon! The Friendly Gecko Guest House is almost ready to welcome our guests and we kindly invite you to visit our German website In one week it will be also available in English. Here you can find some brand new pictures of the house.


That’s all for this week. Short blog but rich of news! Asante sana for reading and thanks you for your support.

Assistant Manager Orphanage