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School starting again


Its starting to warm up here by the lake and the days are getting longer. Perfect weather for swimming! School is now back and all the children are happy and excited to start the new school year. The first day was madness as children came to enrol. Walking into standard 1 there was a big line of five year olds waiting their turn to give their name all very excited to start school for the first time. As last year there were 170 children in standard 1 we hope that this year if there is roughly the same number we will be able to send some volunteers so we can split the class into at least 2.


Andri and Genna reading to the children. 


We had 10 Australian volunteers staying with us last week. They built a much needed classroom shelter at Kazembe Primary School. There were many hands there to help. Our Swiss volunteer Andri has been teaching standard 8 English in the afternoons and is really enjoying it. He will also take on standard 7 next week.

As I sit hear writing I can hear the hippos grunting away. We often walk 10 minutes up the road to see them wallowing in the river. Their ears wiggling back and forth and their heads bobbing up and down but have been a bit shy lately and haven’t seen one out of the water in a while. The Hyenas have also been quite noisy through the night especially when they’re lucky enough to find a chicken in the village that has missed being locked up for the night. I often wake up in the night to hear their yipping and the village dogs barking from a distance with the scent of intruders in their village. By the way the lemurs are still here 🙂


Its an exciting time here in the village full of new planning and possibility’s. Ever thought of coming and joining us? We hope you do your more than welcome!

Have a great week,

Erin Straford