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help2kids Partnership: Bajeviro Primary School



help2kids financially supports and manages the Bajeviro Primary School, a local primary and nursery school with over 443 children. help2kids offers free education to children from low-income families in the Mbezi Beach area of Dar es Salaam.

While primary school education is technically provided for free by the Tanzanian government, the costs for uniforms, transport, school meals or textbooks often hinder children from low-incomes families from attending school.

Bajeviro, our partner school, teaches over 443 children ranging from ages 5 to 15. We ensure that every child can remain at the school despite the economic circumstances of their families, and we make sure the students have what they need to not only attend school but also succeed and thrive.

What We Provide

  • Financial support: We cover all the costs for the salaries of the teachers and the government testing fees for every student. We also provide school supplies and uniforms to children from families who cannot afford such purchases.
  • Teacher development: Teachers receive support through regular workshops and help developing personal teaching goals.
  • Student grade monitoring: By monitoring student progress and identifying areas in need of improvement, we are able to tailor tutoring sessions to each student. This also helps us determine what additional teaching materials (textbook, posters, supplies, etc.) are most needed to improve instruction.
  • Food program: We supply two nutritious meals a day: porridge in the morning and a healthy lunch to fuel students through the afternoon. For many students these meals are the only regular source of nutrients they can rely on. You can learn more and help support this program with myhelp2kids!
  • Infrastructure improvement: Bajeviro has been able to have a number of renovations thanks to help2kids. Recently we were able to make improvements to the kitchen and the sanitation system at the school.
  • Extra-curricular activities: With donations and talented volunteers we are able to operate a football program, music instruction, and drama classes.
  • Medical care: All Bajeviro students are covered by the help2kids Health Project, which pays for transport to and medical treatment at our partner hospitals and provides first aid training and supplies to Bajeviro teachers.
  • Secondary school support: Through our Education Sponsorship Program we match students with sponsors to fund their secondary education, provide them with staff support through their four years of schooling, and provide extra teaching sessions for the transition from Standard 7 to Form 1.


Developing English Skills

Primary schools in Tanzania are taught in the country’s first language, Kiswahili. Therefore, many students struggle when they move from primary to secondary school in Tanzania since secondary schools are taught in English. Without academic support, this difficult transition can keep students from entering secondary school altogether. Bajeviro students begin learning English from the time they enter nursery school. As they get older, it becomes an increasingly significant part of their academic curriculum. Volunteers play a large role in helping students improve their English.

Role of Volunteers

Volunteers typically work at the primary school from 9:00 to 15:00, Monday through Friday, with an hour lunch break at the help2kids Children’s Home. Volunteers can serve Bajeviro in a number of ways:

  • One-on-one tutoring: Volunteers tutor students from different standards that require extra help outside of the classroom. Sessions focus primarily on reading, writing, and basic mathematics.
  • Computer classes: Volunteers can help Standard 5 and 6 students develop their typing skills, learn how to use programs like Microsoft Word and Paint, or help them with educational computer games.
  • Nursery activities: With nursery students, volunteers can assist the teacher with classroom games or arts and crafts. It is best to prepare fun games, songs, and activities ahead of time to help the young students have fun while learning.

At the school there are always teachers around to help you translate English to Kiswahili and inform you about what the students are currently studying. You are always welcome to bring reading books and materials with you for teaching. We also have donations from previous volunteers available at Bajeviro. 

Volunteers with teaching experience or exceptional initiative can host special programs like sports events, music classes, art projects, or advanced tutoring sessions. Our students truly love working with the volunteers, so be creative and they will be eager to join in.