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Nursery school and community center in Kunduchi

We support a local nursery school and community center in Kunduchi, a low-income fishing village north of Dar es Salaam. We are educating students, young and old, in order to improve the conditions and quality of life in this vibrant community.  


The children’s classes are focused on English, reading and writing, and mathematics. While working in the class, the volunteers and local teacher encourage the children to behave well, and teach them social skills like sharing equipment, saying please and thank you, staying seated during class and participating in activities appropriately. 

We provide the children at the nursery school with a nutritious meal during break time. The volunteers also organize outdoor activities or arts and crafts for the children during break time. The school  does  not charge any fee but children from the village are being enrolled to the school for free. help2kids provides teaching materials, covers the cost of daily meals and supports in paying teachers salaries."

English Corner 


In the afternoons help2kids volunteers run a program called “English Corner” where they teach English classes to local fishermen. The program serves the local community, helping adults to improve their English skills. Though most of the "English Corner" students work as fishermen, many strive to learn English in order to have better job opportunities in the future. 


The classes are a wonderful opportunity for the volunteers and the local community members to learn from each other. The cultural exchange helps the volunteers understand more about Tanzanian customs and develop an ear for local Swahili.