There’s No Place Like Home

Worldwide, it is estimated that over 8 million children live in orphanages or institutions. Over 80% of these children are not full orphans.

Most people consider orphanages to be a social good – or at least necessary – when in fact they often do harm. Especially to the children they are supposed to protect. Most children are placed in institutions because their parents are poor and cannot adequately care for them. And while many institutions are founded with good intentions, more than 60 years of research proves that placing children in orphanages severely impairs their cognitive, emotional, and social development. Children develop best in a family-centered environment. We successfully provide this with our daycare center for over 60 children.

With this in mind and other considerations, we changed our strategic direction in early 2020 because we recognized that this system of care can change. Simply put: Children need family structures whenever possible.

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