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Our Children's Home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The help2kids Children’s Home is located in Kunduchi Kilongawima, a neighborhood 20 km north of Dar es Salaam. This suburb is a safe and spacious place for children to live, learn, and play. The home has a big playground, a garden, and enough space to play football! We currently have 30 children from 4 to 19 years old living at our two-building home.

Leah Mchomvu (“Mama Leah”), from Kilimanjaro region, is the Children’s Home Director. Mama Leah and our team of caregivers nurture the children’s emotional, physical, and intellectual development. We provide everything 30 growing children might need: nutritious meals, a cozy bed, a quality education, medical checkups, psychological support (if needed), myriad free time activities, and a family environment. 

According to our Social Work Concept the values we share at the Children’s Home are the following: The importance of education, non-violence, a peaceful coexistence between people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions, gender equality and respect for nature and the environment.

We are a religiously neutral home and we teach tolerance. Our kids are free to partake in the religious tradition of their choosing. We hope to raise children who are well-rounded, productive and positive members of their communities, regardless of religious affiliation. 

The members of our help2kids family in Tanzania

We are delighted to introduce you to: Winstoni (9),Evaristo (12), Savera (9), Kulwa (8), Suzy (12), Baraka (9), Dotto (8), Star (15), Simon (14), Nuru (12), Agusti (13), Zainabu (12), Riziki (10), Doreen (8), Haika (8), Donaldi (10), Happy Masuke (10), Pascal (11), Costa (11), Angela (8), Tausi (21), Richard (12), Neema (9), Digna (5), Abu (16), Selemani (13), Happy Joseph (12), Francisca (8), Prisca (9) Angelina (4):

FAQ about our Children's Home


1. Where do the children come from?

The children at our home come from all regions of Tanzania. When help2kids began in 2011, the first children came from underfunded and overcrowded orphanages in Dar es Salaam. We have grown since then by receiving siblings of our children. Additionally, some of our children came to help2kids through our caregivers, who heard of vulnerable children and brought them in. The most recent children come from our neighborhood in Dar es Salaam. 

2. Are all of your children orphans?

Some of our children still have one or both parents. However, these children could not live with their parents for several reasons. Many of our children's parents have died because of HIV or other diseases. Some children have lost only one parent, and the remaining one is not able to care for his/her child due to  illness or poverty. In some cases the children were abused by their parents or relatives and lived in very bad or unsafe conditions. Ultimately the children were living in various orphanages before being brought to help2kids. The children are now living in a safe, comfortable, and loving home.

3. What will happen to the children when they turn 18? Can they “age out” of the home?

We do not have a fixed age limit. We will support the children until they can support themselves and they can always call this place home. We strive to rear young people who will be self-sufficient and productive members of the community. Like most parents, we hope our children will stay in touch and visit, but will go on to have lives and homes of their own. We give our children a sense of permanence and support that will allow them to confidently leave and explore the world for themselves.

4. Who cares for the children?

We have a dedicated team of caregivers or “mamas” who look after our children. Pictures and bios can be found on the Team Africa page.

5. What does daily life at the Children’s Home look like?

Every morning the children wake up between 5 and 6 am, prepare for school, eat breakfast, and then head to school. Our children attend J.K. Nyerere School, Valentine School, Kawe A, Mbezi Beach School, Saint Gasper and Mbezi Beach High School. The children attend different schools depending on their needs and academic achievements. Thanks to our sponsors, most of our children are attending private school. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please contact Our children return from school between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. After washing their uniforms, they spend an hour with our volunteers who provide individual tutoring sessions. The children then take a shower and get ready for dinner. After dinner, the younger children read story books and the older children finish their homework in study hall. Both groups of children are supervised by the mamas of the Children’s Home and the Education Coordinator. The children attend school Monday-Friday. On the weekends they do chores, play in the yard, celebrate birthdays, and go to the beach.


All donations whether small or big are highly appreciated. You can make a one-time contribution or sign up for a sponsorship. A sponsorship can give you and a child a meaningful, lifelong connection. We offer the following sponsorship options:

  • Full Sponsorship: USD 60 per month (includes all basic needs: food, clothes, medicine, school fees for public school, and school materials)
  • Half Sponsorship: USD 30 per month
  • Education Sponsorship: USD 70 per month (for private school)

We will select children for a sponsorship based on their specific needs and abilities. As a sponsor of a child, you will get two letters per year from your sponsored child, a picture, and a progress report about your child.

If you would like to sign-up for a sponsorship, please contact For general donations, please visit our Donation page and and specify “Children’s Home” as the purpose of your donation.

help2kids-kinderheim-6Made from the handprints of the help2kids children in September 2011.