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The Zoo!



Dear help2kids friends, here again the French volunteers Mathilde and Johanne. Last Saturday – as we mentioned in our previous blog – we went to the zoo with all children thanks to a donation from the grandfather of Mathilde. It was a wonderful day. Asante sana for the donation to Mathilde’s grandfather Prosper: all the kids are really grateful!

At 8:OO am everybody jumped on the dala-dala to Dar Es Salaam national Zoo. It was a long trip to Kigamboni district: we took the ferry with the dala-dala. The children were very excited and for most of them it was one of the first times to cross downtown and see the ocean. After 30km of dirty and dusty roads, we finally arrived at the zoo.


We saw a lot of different animals, from the most commons to the wildest ones (rabbits, chickens, camels, horses, snakes, zebras, parrots, ostriches, hyenas…). The children were really looking forward to see lions, monkeys and crocodiles, their favorite animals that they always see in cartoons! However some of the children were very afraid by the lion!! We spent a lot of time with the monkeys which really funny and amusing.

And after this long visit, everybody enjoyed a good picnic prepared by ourselves: sandwiches, chips, bananas and oranges. Also all the Mamas and Patrick were really happy to be here; indeed it was the first time they have ever been to a zoo.

After the last goodbye to the lions and monkeys we took the dala-dala back to the orphanage. The way back was really long (3 hours) because of the traffic jam – which is a big problem in Dar Es Salaam. Fortunately, we had some lollipops to give to the children.


Before saying goodbye, we have two more news regarding the orphanage. Finally, after 3 long days of hard work, Francesca, Patrick and Nowel finished the outdoor kitchen. Now Mama Anna can cook ugali, rice, beans under this really nice roof that they built up. For small pots she uses the kitchen in the orphanage, but for the huge pots of rice, ugali, beans is it easier and cheaper to cook on a charcoal stove. Mama Anna loves the new kitchen!


Last news of the week, a big welcome to our new part-time Mama, Sara. She started to work for us two weeks ago. Mama Sara is 27 years old, comes from Iringa and has great experience in caring for young children. We all already love her, and she loves the kids too. Karibu Sana in help2kids family!


That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading us and keep supporting help2kids!

Mathilde and Johanne
Volunteers help2kids