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A wet week



Dear help2kids rafiki (friends, in Swahili),

After some blogs by Mathilde and Johanne, our super French volunteers, now is again Francesca here, trying to sum up the events of the past days.

Life in Tanzania is smooth and charming, but of course TIA (this is Africa!!) so the watchword here is Pole Pole (slowly, in Swahili). African times and African perception of times too are slightly different and the first thing to learn here is of course how to deal with this attitude.

But the kids are doing very well so, even after a long day of work and errands all around, their smiley faces make me immediately happy!

Small weather broadcast: even if, apparently, the rainy season is officially over since a couple of months, is now 5 days that we are having improvise and harsh storms. We just hope with all our hearts that this will not mean a return of mosquitoes and, consequently, of malaria. In fact, in the past month our daily visits to the hospital are flatly decreased and we do wish to keep going like this. We just have now some sporadic cases of cough and cold (especially in the past days, when the kids came back from school completely soaked). A couple of kids are moreover suffering of skin’s infection and we hope they will recover soon.

The only positive side of this unexpected rain is that all the vegetables that Patrick has planted in our garden are finally growing and we hope to taste soon and to improve the food schedule with more and more vegetables. We have now tomatoes, spinaches, pumpkins and cabbage. The kids love to take care of the garden. In general, all the children are always very useful and never refuse to give a hand in the kitchen, to wash the clothes, to keep the house clean and to help in preparing the food. 


The rain has also brought us two new people, Manuela and Hannah, which have joined the help2kids family as volunteers. Manuela is from Italy and she will volunteer with us for one month, while Hannah is from Austria and she was already in Tanzania and then she met us and felt in love with the kids and will stay with us for 6 weeks.

Now we really have a great volunteers’ team and our lovely Mathilde and Johanne are working towards passing the baton to the new volunteers. Every day the volunteers’ task is to help the Mamas in taking care of the children and to organize English support lessons in the afternoon. 


Dear help2kids friends, please keep follow and support us: we need your help in order to ensure to this magic kids a better future! Any donation is welcomed. Because of the above-mentioned weather change, the children feel often cold that’s why if you have clothes that you are willing to donate, we are happy to receive it. Our kid’s ages go from 4 to 12, and we are particularly looking for trousers for boys, pajamas and underwear. Furthermore books, shoes, toys are always gratefully welcomed. Give a look to our donation page
Thank-you for your precious support!

That’s all for this week. Let’s hope the sun will be back soon! Thanks for reading. Kwa heri.

Director Tanzania