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"We Started From The Bottom Now We Are Here!"


The crux of the plan… 

Bajeviro second floor building project has almost been completed.


It feels like just yesterday when we were setting up the tone; defining the plan for the constructing of the second floor building at Bajeviro primary school. 

With great excitement and enthusiasm from the school teachers, learners and the parent’s committee involved; not forgetting the huge support we get from our dedicated volunteers, donors and staff. 

Bajeviro kids

One Lap Down!

Bajeviro is making great strides in developing the welfare of the children coming from low or no income families; through quality education, satisfactory learning environment and through creating channels to open new doors for the development of recreational activities within the school. 

Remember… Bajeviro primary school is a local primary and nursery school with over 380 children. While primary school education is technically provided for free by the Tanzanian government, the costs for uniforms, transport, school meals or textbooks often hinder children from low or no income families from attending school.

Despite the fact that each year at Bajeviro we receive more children from nursery to Grade 1, although there are more leaving after their final year completion; the second floor building has created a more diversified learning environment, by including a spacious breezy recreational learning centre (library) and an additional classroom. 


What’s next?

As you might have guessed, your continuing support, participation in the development of our projects is not only changing lives of the kids in Tanzania, it is also building future leaders that will run the economy of this country and redefine what success is, through quality education and a satisfactory learning environment. Quality Education and Success are like close sisters who would do everything together, “travel the world”, “maybe volunteer abroad”. Those are two elements that has been predominately a selective journey afforded to, only the privileged. 


Bajeviro teachers on the balcony 

The success of the second floor construction, epitomises the true value system of working together, the power of determination and understanding that everyone can be the change they want to see in the world. 


As we are finalising and preparing for the opening of our new classroom (which was the teachers staff room), comfortable office for the head master, new staff room as well as the library; we are delighted to express our deepest gratitude to your support and love for our children. After  four months of hard work from our construction workers, parent support and all the involved parties; the Bajeviro Primary School second floor building project has almost completed. 

It truly does feel like it was just yesterday when we were setting up the tone; defining the plan for the constructing of the second floor building at Bajeviro primary school, for creating a better learning environment and more doors to new opportunities for the children coming from underprivileged families in Tanzania. 

Again, thanks to our dedicated volunteers, donors and all the support we get from you; for making sure that, underprivileged children are not excluded from the doors of quality education and satisfactory learning environment.

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