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6 Ways to Keep Giving After You’ve Finished Volunteering


By Petrina Darrah


So, you’ve said goodbye to the adorable little faces you’ve come to love, packed up your suitcase full of African carvings and artwork, and boarded your return flight. This is a sad time – but heading back home doesn’t have to mean the end of your journey to change the world!

You can continue to give back for long after you’ve left your volunteer project for the last time. Here’s how you can continue inspiring change from afar.

1. Start a crowdfunding campaign

Money makes the world go round – and projects happen. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have large chunks of cash just sitting around that we can afford to give to charity.

What many people do have is spare change that they would be happy to give to a good cause. When you get home, start up a crowdfunding campaign and invite your friends and family to contribute what they can. Even if everyone only gives a little, together it all adds up and it could be enough to change the lives of many children.

students at a school in Tanzania

Myhelp2kids is our very own crowdfunding platform that you can use to raise funds toward any of our projects. Start a campaign then get the message out there by sharing it on social media. The combined generosity of all the people in your social networks might surprise you! And if you don’t reach your fundraising goal, remember that even the smallest amounts can make a difference.

2. Leave a review

Posting a review of your time volunteering with help2kids on websites such as GoAbroad, GoOverseas, or GivingWay can help encourage others to join our volunteer programme. Reading a positive review that explains exactly what it is like to volunteer in Tanzania or Malawi might be just what someone needs to sign up. 

Volunteers are at the heart of what we do, so sharing your experience is an important part of helping make sure more people join us. The best part is, this is a fast, easy, and free thing to do!

Our volunteers support our projects with their kindness, dedication, and energy – we can’t thank you all enough. 

3. Sponsor a child

Another solution to the problem of not having a lot of cash right now is to sponsor a child. Through our Education Sponsorship Program, you can sponsor a child for just $51 a month – making one donation once a month makes changing the life of a child that much more manageable!



This is also a great way to stay connected with our projects once you’re back in your homeland, as well. You’ll be able to stay in touch with the child you sponsor and see their progress as they make their way through secondary school. Plus, you’ll have just one more reason to come back and visit us!

4. Spread the word

Tell everyone who will listen about your experience. Part of your role as a volunteer is acting as an ambassador for our organization and Tanzania in general. For people on other continents, it’s hard to envisage the kind of suffering and challenges kids here face – so let them know.

Even if you yourself don’t have the funds to donate or sponsor, you can ask around and find someone who does. Share our story on Facebook, use #help2kids when you post photos from your trip on Instagram, advertise volunteering opportunities at your university, or encourage others to get involved by starting their own crowdfunding campaign!


5. Sell your stuff

Most of us are guilty of having boxes of stuff that we never use, or piles of clothes we never wear. 

Once you’ve finished university, you can sell your textbooks: or, if you’re moving from one apartment to another, sell some of your furniture. Take the opportunity to clean out your wardrobe and raise funds for a good cause at the same time! 


6. Make your next present one that counts

Did you know that giving to others can actually make you happier than spending money on yourself?

For your next birthday, instead of asking for new stuff, ask for the gift of good feelings and tell your loved ones to give a donation to help2kids instead of buying material things.

Ready to make a difference? Check out myhelp2kids to start a crowdfunding campaign today!