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Kili and Mera

After my last blog 2 weeks ago has been on a rather negative note, which was probably a kind of a reflection of my state of mind, this one will be very positive. First and foremost I am happy to announce that I have a new girlfriend. Actually two of them, and I have a picture of them attached. Their names are “Mera” and “Kili” and our two new watchdogs. I assume “watch”-dog fits pretty well, because at the moment I don’t think they could do much more than just watch, if something happened. But they develop nicely, grow every day and have become extremely lively and vivid, and so my running shoes have already become a victim of their playing. But also on the “business” side it has been an extremely successful week, since yesterday we have been able to extend the land lease contract with our landlord. Normally it would have ended in 2012, but this way we have secured our place to stay until 2022.

Progress also on the license “front” – it seems to confirm that even in Tanzania the saying “Constant dripping wears the stone” has its validity. After several more visits at the office of social welfare, the clerk in charge for our “case” promised me today, that our application together with his report will be sent to the final authority that grants the license. So our getting the license is literally one final step away, and once again I am very confident that finally we will be able to take up children within very short. In order to be able to properly care for the kids however, we need “mamas”, but also here we have been successful, and I am happy to say that Mama Leah will start to work for help2kids as of first of December. I will present her and add her under “Team Tanzania” on the website as soon as she has started.

Last but not least, dear reader, we are still looking for a new manager of the orphanage as of 1 of December (or at earliest convenience) and the recruiting process has started. So hurry up, put together your CV and references and send it before it’s too late. If you are looking for an interesting, challenging and rewarding job, and an experience of a lifetime in a beautiful country, go for it, I can only recommend it.

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help2kids_02Not even for pictures they can hold still….