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Vacation Activities



What do you do when you have 30 children free from schoolwork and uniforms for a whole week?

This is what we did at our help2kids children’s home: we had a lot of fun! The volunteers led a week of fun activities for our children, teaching them new skills and playing their favorite games.


Each morning we began with some warm-up exercises to get everybody paying attention and listening. Simon Says and the Macarena were both very well received. Then we split into five teams. Each team has a name, a slogan, and a decorated sign. 


Each day we did something a little different. One Monday we did relay races, on Tuesday we painted our nails and learned capoeira, on Wednesday we raced to pick up trash, on Thursday we colored and read, and on Friday we worked our muscles. It was a busy week!

The kids learned quickly and eagerly embraced new concepts. They cheered for their teammates during the relay races, collaborated on art projects, and by Friday the kids were leading the Macarena and Simon Says!

Each day one of our teams went to the Friendly Gecko Guesthouse to spend time with Sister Jess and Juliet. They had a special lunch, watched a movie,  played with the dogs, and rode on the bikes.


In the afternoons we went to the beach and to the Village Museum. The museum was a wonderful educational excursion where the children learned about different types of traditional houses found in Tanzania. They could identify which house belonged to their tribes. The best part of the museum visit was the traditional dance at the end. Our boys got really into the music and many of them were eager to join the dancers and show off their moves!

This week everybody is back to school, hopefully with new energy to continue their work. The week was a great opportunity for the children and volunteers to spend more time together, and to learn from each other in many ways. We love teaching our children new things, and they love learning, so if you have suggestions for educational and engaging activities for thirty children, let us know! ( Everyone is counting down to our next break in approximately 81 days…