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Strive to make changes through education


The right to education for all children should not be based upon the social economic situation of the families. Our duties at help2kids are to make sure each child gets an education despite the challenges they encounter. Through our Education Sponsorship Program we are giving the students the support they need to complete their Secondary School education.

We support Secondary Education

Although secondary education is free in Tanzania still a lot of children cannot get access to it due to different challenges such as uniform travel costs, food during school and books. We find our students’ an educational sponsor to assure they get all necessary needs for their education alongside providing weekly mentorship and support from our Education Sponsorship Program Coordinator.

Parent commitment

It is important to have parents support, as we cannot monitor each child we sponsor 24 hours a day. Recently we started a new ESP parents committee for our sponsored children to insure that parents are involved 100% in their children’s’ education. We meet with the parents every 3 months, to update them on the child’s education, address any challenges, and encourage them to make school follow-up of their children’s attendance and results.


Education progress

We are proud of the academic progress and performance our children are making so far after we involve their parents. This year most of the children are doing great in their education after conducting extra classes for them during holidays. We organise workshops for them every now and then to motivate them.

We see the future in their eyes and we see a strong nation made up of strong, motive leaders in them. Every child is special and can do great if given opportunity and motivation.


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