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Rolling up the sleeves (English)



Mambo help2kids friends, this time is Francesca writing the blog and keeping you updated with the exciting news about our orphanage in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam.

All the kids are doing well and in school they have really good results and we are proud of them. Thanks to the constant support of our volunteers, the kids are improving in English and other subject and their performances and progress in school are increasing day after day. The volunteers organize every day support lessons in the afternoon to the 4 classes (Paka, Kobe, Simba and Twiga). The kids love to learn more and they always ask for new lessons, also when is time to go for a bath before dinner!

We would also like to inform you that we will soon start a new project with a public school close to our orphanage. We will launch an English teaching programm where our volunteers will teach English in the afternoon to children which need some more attention. If you ever wanted to teach in big or small groups, old or young children, let us know and come here! We will soon publish more information about this project on our website.

As for the health situation we are now in a good season because, a part from sporadic storms, we don’t have rain which in Tanzania means mosquitoes…to put it better: malaria! So most of the kids now are in good health even if some of them are suffering with flue or cough. 

We are looking for some sponsor to help us with vitamins, proteins, calcium tablets, so we will be able to improve their diet. If you are willing to help us, all the kids will benefits from these vitamins and will do much better. Furthermore, because of lack of calcium, most of the kids have little problems with their teeth, so we are also looking for some support in this issue.


The main news of this week is that help2kids President Mr. Frank Hakenjos is here in Tanzania!! Frank will be with us for 2 weeks and we are all really happy to have him here! The kids love Frank and they always jump on his back to be carried around! Since Frank is here we are all rolling up the sleeves: in fact our President began the big renovation works all around the orphanage compound.



Here a small list of the renewals that are going on now:

  • Whitening all the surrounding walls
  • Bricking up the outdoor kitchen
  • Roofing the outdoor sitting thatched roof

All the kids, mamas, volunteers, guardians are involved in these works and we are all working hard. All the small kids are helping whenever possible. Is beautiful to see all our big family working together! At the end of the day, we are all super tired but satisfied for the good job. Thanks Frank for being a working-President!

Besides the renovation works, together with Frank we also did a big African Meeting with all the employees. We brought them out for lunch, chips-michikaki-sodas for everyone and we had great time together discussing about their job and the objective of offering to our kids a better life!


Dear help2kids, in this time of the year we really need sponsors for school black shoes. As you can see from the pictures, the shoes are in bad conditions and pretty broken. The kids walk every day to reach the school on dusty and dirty roads so the shoes get ruined fast. The cost for one pair of school shoes is 9’000 tsh (5,5 $ or 4€). Please, help our kids to have new shoes to go to school! Every small offer will be appreciated.

At this point, a great ASANTE SANA to our lovely volunteer Hannah from Austria. After 6 weeks with us, Hannah is now leaving. We wish to express our thankfulness to Hannah for her great job with the kids. We will ever forget you and we hope to see you back here one day!


Last news before saying goodbye: next week our kids will participate to a big Environmental Event. Thanks to our friends Joao and Laura who are organizing this day, our orphanage will be competing on who finds the most litter on a beach. After spending a week learning about our environment, the kids will play a game that will help to get the beach cleaned up. We hope that they learn to care for the environment, the environmental problems are huge here in Dar es Salaam and it really needs a change of mind! More information can be found here:


Dear help2kids friends, that’s all for this week. Keep following us also on our Facebook group for new exciting stories and pictures

Director Tanzania