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Reasons to smile


The Health Project in Tanzania is responsible for the medical care for more than 600 Orphans and Vulnerable Children across Dar es Salaam. As such, we monitor the diagnoses of the children from their doctor visits and make sure they have received proper treatment and medicine.

 At the beginning of this year, thanks to the support of our donors, The Health Project started supporting the children at Kunduchi Day Care Centre, where we provide free medical treatment, as well as transport to and from the hospital. Apart from that we also provide health education workshop to the teachers from the Day Care Centre in order to equip them with skills to care for the children in case of emergencies or provide first Aid.

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The Health Project was able to reopen the girls club at our partner primary school, where we had a discussion with the girls on how to take care of themselves during their menstrual periods, through these clubs, children are able to raise questions about what they don’t understand when changes start occurring in their bodies and be more open about challenges they encounter in their families and community in general. The Health Project therefore strive to help address different issues that arise by training the children and their caregivers on how to handle such matters. By igniting positive behavioural change among the children to create healthy habits and choices.

We were also able to expand our first Aid cabinet items to all our partners by introducing new items like Malaria test, antibacterial and anti-fungal medicines. Through this expansion we are able to provide all the necessary items to our partners for prevention of serious ill cases.


Health project was also able to provide mosquito nets to our partner orphanage for prevention purpose against malaria which is one of the common and dangerous diseases. Through this donation our children will be able to sleep safe without fear of being sick.


And these are only a few of our activities so far this year!! If you would like to help us improve the health of so many children in Tanzania, please think about making a donation today.