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Partner School Updates



help2kids partnership with a school in our neighborhood officially began in April 2013 when help2kids began financially backing the school and providing volunteer teachers.

Our volunteers assistant teach is many classes, helping the full time faculty work with the younger grades. For older grades, our volunteers teach English classes and computer classes. Using donated computers, the Standard 5, 6 and 7 students learn basic IT knowledge, which will prepare them for a technological society! Each child gets time on the computer every week.


As part of our partnership, help2kids supports a breakfast program which provides the 300 children with ugi, porridge made from corn and milk. For many of the children this is their only source of consistent food for the day. The breakfast program is critical, because hungry children can’t study!


For the past six weeks we have also been able to give the children lunch consisting of ugali and beans. The lunch program was made possible by a generous donation by Anna-Karin Grennvall’s father’s group the “Oddfellows” of Sweden. It will end today, however, unless someone else can support it! It costs 500USD to feed 300 children five days a week for a month, that’s just ten cents per student per day! If you would like to support this program please contact:

Two of our volunteers, Hannah and Seb from the UK, recently organized a football tournament for the students. The kids divided up into teams and competed for the glory of winning. The children wore donated t-shirts by Hannah and Seb and at the end of the tournament the best players won football cleats! Overall, the kids had a wonderful time playing and enjoyed the new swag. Thanks Hannah and Seb!



Every day there is lots going at our partner school; the nursery children are singing the good morning song to welcome their teacher to the classroom, the Standard 4s are reading everything they get their hands on, and the Standard 6 kids are racing to the board to show off their grammar skills. The volunteers can be found all over helping in computer classes and blowing bubbles in the courtyard. Every day they are helping the teachers and staff of the school achieve the goal of providing quality free education for children from low-income homes.