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The Olympics in Tanzania!



Hello dear followers, this time Johanne and Mathilde, the French girls currently volunteering for help2kids, would like to inform you about the news of the week.


During the last week of holidays, we have organized the Olympic Games at the orphanage. Four countries were represented: Kenya, Brazil, USA and France. Each team had its own flag and its appropriate make-up.


A big game took place every day:

  • Monday: the flip flop throw
  • Tuesday: running competition
  • Wednesday: brain game
  • Thursday: manual game
  • Friday: musical chairs

The week was closed by the famous and funny awarding ceremony. “And the winner is…USA!” It was a wonderful week full of sports, competitions, laughs and happiness.

Last Monday the school opened back and all children were very happy to go to school again. It was new for Donaldi, the newest child at the orphanage, since he was recently transferred at this school by the social welfare office. He was very happy and already made some new friends. Now at the orphanage, during the morning, the atmosphere is more quite and the mamas can rest a little bit.


We have some bad news about children skin problems. Most of them have some injuries in their heads. We don’t know exactly what it is. Sometimes we realize that is painful for them. For example, when we cut their hair very shortly. The mamas use some creams to cure that but it is not really effective.
Other bad news… Last week, Amandine – help2kids assistant manager – had malaria. She had to go to the hospital twice and she also had to spend there one night. We were really scared, but now she feels better. We hope Amanda will be very fine now.


Indeed, she had to be fine since new guests are coming at the Friendly Gecko Guest House. The house is finished and we already have some guests, even from South Korea. We are very happy to welcome them!  Have a look and spread the voice! 

The 7th of July was a public festivity in Tanzania. Everybody call this day “the Saba Saba day”. During this day, we saw a lot of animations and parties on the street. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring the kids on the street because the dala-dala was so expensive. Children were a little disappointed. However, to compensate this unhappiness, we will organize a day-trip to the Zoo for children, thanks to a donation from Mathilde’s grandfather. We are very impatient to be there on Saturday and to spend a good day. We hope the children will love this excursion and see the animals they used to see only in the movies.
Thank you to Mathilde’s grandfather, Prosper, for this really nice donation. ASANTE!!

We would like to thank Adele, a girl from South Africa that visited us last week. She brought some presents at the orphanage last week. Now we have new puzzles and English books.
We are very grateful towards all the donors. The orphanage always needs more donations. So please, help us!!

Thank you for reading the blog and follow us every week.

Mathilde and Johanne
Volunteers help2kids