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Karibu Vinzenz (English)



Dear help2kids friends and followers, my name is Vinzenz (18 years old and from Switzerland). Actually this is my third week as a volunteer in Tanzania. Now it’s my turn to update you with some news from and around the orphanage.

Here in Africa you really have to get used to the fact that things don’t work as they work in Europe. And I don’t mean just the better weather and the more chaotic streets. The life here requires lots of patience and adaptability. I use to repeat to myself: “Mostly the things works. But they work in a way that we will never expect to work!”


First of all, the kids are doing fine and they seem very happy. It is always stirring to see how careful and kind they are to each other: they live like in a family and they all consider themselves as brothers and sisters. I have the feeling that the kids are truly happy although most of them had a tough childhood before.

Last week, the Muslim fasting month Ramadan ended and that’s why the kids had no school for two days. So we, the volunteers’ team, had a lot of time to teach them English. Every day we organized support classes in order to help them to improve their knowledge. We have now 1 girl in standard IV, 4 kids in standard II, 5 girls in standard I and the other 10 in nursery.

The kids are following very well the daily schedule, maybe better here than at school. Last week one of our elder boys was pulled out of school because of bad behavior, apparently he was hitting other children and had some fights. It took us a long time to convince the school major to take him back and we hope it won’t happen again… Part of the problem is that some of our children grew up with too much violence around and it is not easy and requires a lot of patience to teach them to behave differently now. You see living here with so many children is absolutely not monotonous at all. In fact every day brings its own challenges and requires responsibility and flexibility.

Tara also started to paint fruits and vegetables in the living room, which looks really nice now! We are also thinking about organizing some environmental classes soon so that the children learn something about the environment and the problems with all the pollution (here in Tanzania it’s a huge problem!). Maybe we will organize some games where the children will have to collect some litter on the beach and they will get some rewards. We really would like to make them more aware of the environmental problems and maybe (hopefully) it will change how they will treat the environment later in their lives. We will see and keep you posted.

Currently, most of our kids are in good health condition. Some of them have a little cold and cough. The past week we were really worried about Kulwa, six years old, who had malaria and Zainabu, 8, who suffered from a bad urine system infection. But after being to the hospital and giving them some medicine they feel much better.


At this point, we want to send a great thank-you and goodbye to our volunteer Manuela from Italy: after one month with us, she is now back home. We really appreciated all your help and big heart!

A great thank-you to ANDREA DE CUVRY, her family and the kindergarden class of her son Henry: thanks to their generosity, we have received 35 kg of clothes and toys for our kids. We are all really grateful to Andrea from Germany! 


So far these are the actual news from Mbezi. I’m looking forward to more exciting and intensive weeks with the kids and I have the feeling that they will get into my heart still more and more.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more news soon!

help2kids Volunteer