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Introducing help2kids and Wamato School Partnership


help2kids is excited to announce our partnership with a local Nursery and Primary School WAMATO. Wamato is a school in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam and is for children who are unable to afford public school fees, as in they cannot even afford porridge, uniform, or subject fees. Wamato is different than most primary schools in our neighborhood as it offers children a completely free education and for this reason many of our kids come from far away and are not always dressed in proper uniforms, lack rucksacks, writing paper, pencils, or text books for class.

help2kids-01The students and staff of help2kids Wamato

Our prior relationship with the school consisted of providing their lunch program only, but when their funding was coming to an end in March 2013 we stepped in. We are very happy to be able to continue their funding and also to begin to implement some of the necessary changes to move the school in the right direction. We have hired new teachers and are working to create schedules, providing breakfast, and hope to do a lot more!!


As the former Volunteer Coordinator/ Assistant Manager for the help2kids children’s home, I am very excited to take this new position as the Program Manager at Wamato. I have been working hard to create an environment which will hopefully enable positive academic performance as well as a fun and safe place where the kids can look forward to learning and playing.

This also means great news for our help2kids volunteers as they are now able to join us here at the school. Our volunteers are able to help assist with the nursery class and with older standards (grades) who have important English exams this year, as well as create activities which will engage students in the afternoon.


 This is our large yard in the centre of our school. We hope in the future to furnish it with playground equipment, but in the meantime it is a great place to kick a soccer ball around.

Thanks so much for your continued support at help2kids. Keep following our progress.

Lauren A Giffen – Project Manager help2kids Wamato School