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Hot Season in Malawi



After a few months of relief, it is now getting hotter and hotter in Malawi. It has been a very busy period for all of us. The Friendly Gecko is now quietening down after many volunteers have returned home from their summer holidays. However, we have never had such an extremely international group of volunteers: people from Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Australia, the USA, Hong Kong, Iceland…and from Italy and Malawi, of course!

The construction of the new class for Tiyanjane pre-school is nearly finished and it will provide much needed extra space for the kids. We are very pleased and grateful to our donor, Vera Guard, who made this all possible. We really hope she will come and visit us in Malawi in the future with her little daughter. With the start of the new academic year, we had to say goodbye to some children who are now in STD 1 at Kazembe but, while some children may have left, many new children have come to join us at the nursery. Some of them were literally scared of us a’zungu and it took some time for them to get familiar with the routine.


Our little Flora, a girl of 2 years old, shadows our volunteers everywhere; she has started at the nursery, she participates at the kids corner, English classes with the older students, and plays football. She has quickly learnt how to say ‘I’m fine’ and ‘see you tomorrow’! So cute!!!  

Children are now back at school at Kazembe. During holidays, our volunteers were involved in painting and decorating the walls of the two new classes and it is touching to see the students now learning in a beautiful new school block. With the returning lessons, our volunteers are back to teach in the morning, and have also donated learning and teaching materials to the school to help aid the classes. We have distributed exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, chalks, etc. We know very well that here in Lifuwu even a new pencil can encourage the kids to go to school.    

Our volunteers have also been giving some of the youth in the village computer tutoring, as many people here have never used a computer before. Our students enjoyed the lessons so much, it was a great success. Our volunteers taught them basics IT skills and Internet browsing. Of course, the Internet and Facebook were the most interesting part for our students; now some of them even have a Facebook account! So, keep in touch! We really look forward to starting new courses, and to receiving a donation of 15 new laptops!


Lastly, I would like to share with all of you a poem written by Jonathan, one of our students from English class. He is a smart guy, waiting for his results to graduate from secondary school to hopefully study Medicine at university. In the meantime, he works as tailor to make a living.

Today’s world needs education (Jonathan Mango)

A long time ago someone said the world of tomorrow will need education, but I choose to differ because today’s world needs education. Malawi needs people who are educated, the more you work right now, the more you will enjoy in the future. Today’s world needs education. If  you think education is expensive, then try ignorance and you see its consequences. Today’s world needs education. Barack Obama went through education, Nelson Mandela tough with education, Mayi Joyce Banda went through education. Today’s world needs education. If you left out school yesterday and stop learning today, you will become ignorant tomorrow. Today’s world needs education.


Have a great week!


help2kids Project Manager Malawi