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Things have been going well these past few weeks at help2kids.The children are happy and busily engaged with school, projects, English and computer lessons, and of course play! (Pictures: our Nursery School children (Winstoni and Angela running home from school (Left), Dorie, Neema, Savera, Baraka, Fransisca (Below)).


We have seven children in Nursery School, and six children in Standard 1. Everyday they head out the door at 7 am and walk 20 minutes along dirt roads to get to school (although sometimes it can take much longer because they play along the way). They spend about 4 hours in school and come back for lunch around noon. Then it’s off to bed for a two hour rest time. Many sleep, but some never sleep and whisper “hello, hello” out the window to anyone who happens to walk by. Either way it’s a nice, quiet break for the children, volunteers, and staff alike. Here are pictures of our Stanard 1 students (Dotto (Left), Haika, Kulwa, Pius, and Doaldi and Johnny (Below)).help2kids-11

After naptime it’s time for classes for our Nursery and Standard 1 students. The children are divided into small groups and have lots of fun doing projects and English classes with our fabulous volunteers. Following classes, it’s free play time. By now all of the children are home from school and everyone is eager to play their favorite games and learn new ones. Then it’s cleanup time, when everyone helps clean our yard and takes the clothes off the line and folds them. Next, shower time followed by dinnertime. After dinner we sometimes watch a movie or have a meeting with all the children. Then the little ones are off to bed at 8 pm sharp. All in all it’s a great routine that keeps everyone happy.


Of course we sometimes face challenges with behavior but we keep in mind that most of the children come from very difficult backgrounds and all of them have lost loved ones. With time, encouragement, structure, and love, we believe we can help them begin to heal.

From all of us in Tanzania, have a wonderful week!
Best regards,
Karina Catlin – Field Manager help2kids