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help2kids "Mamas"



The past few weeks have been going well at help2kids, in a large part due to our “Mamas” who work tirelessly day in and day out to run this great organization and keep the children happy, clean, well-fed, and on-schedule. Mama Leah is our head mama and also the Director of the Children’s Home. The children absolutely adore her but also know she expects them to behave themselves! She has regular meetings with the children to discuss everything from table manners to treating each other well to the importance of studying hard, and is always available to speak privately with the children about any issues that arise. Mama Leah attended Upendo College in Moshi, Tanzania, where she received a certificate in childcare.

Our other two full-time Mamas, Mama Maria and Mama Deme, also attended Upendo College, and also received certificates in childcare. Our part time Mama, Mama Nelson, has many years of experience working in children’s homes. The children love all the Mamas! Above are pictures of Mama Deme playing a favorite game with the children, Mama Deme and Mama Maria together, and Mama Nelson.

In the past two weeks we took two trips to the beach in our new bus! Both were very fun and the children enjoyed themselves immensely. For some, it was the first time they ever saw, let alone swam in the ocean! Luckily the waves are very gentle in our part of the Indian Ocean, so the children got to splash around and practice swimming without fear.

Thank you all for your support! We could not do it without you!
Karina Catlin – Field Manager