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On Tuesday November 26, 2013 help2kids partner school celebrated the graduation of 14 students from Standard 7. This is the first graduating class from the school while it has been partnered with help2kids.

To begin the ceremony, the students danced and sang the song “Waving Flag” by K’naan.



Next Mr. Emma, the headmaster, and Lauren, the program manager, both gave speeches. Since the majority of people present weren’t comfortable with English, speeches were given in Swahili. Lauren, a native of Canada, had help from Star during her speech. Together they did a great job! Two students, Hussein and David , jointly gave a speech in English and Swahili. 


Jasmin, a long-term volunteer, presented each student moving to Form 1 with a notebook and pen. Jasmin has been teaching these students for four months and she is very proud of what they have accomplished. Seven students have been attending our Pre-Form 1 classes taught by our volunteers. The classes focused on improving the students English to help them transition from the all-Swahili curriculum of primary school to the all-English curriculum of secondary school. Although they didn’t need to attend the extra classes, these students were diligent in their studies! For students moving into Form 1 help2kids will pay 50% of Form 1 fees for the student and then the student will try to raise the other 50% through fundraising in their community.

Mama Chewie presented the certificates to each student. Two students, Anna and Hawa, also received special awards for high achievement. Proud parents and relatives whooped loudly for their students and stung graduates with chains of brightly colored flowers.


Star, from the children’s home, also took part in the celebration because she attended the partner school until Standard 6. The day was an opportunity to celebrate her completion of primary school as well! 

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed cake and sodas. The students also took many many many photos with each other, the volunteers, and parents and relatives. It was a joyous occasion for all and great celebration of all these students have achieved!
Hongera (Congratulations) Standard 7!