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Children and Sports


Children and Sports

Play helps a child to grow in ways including memory, self-regulation, oral language, and recognizing symbols as well as increased social development. The more opportunities children have to interact with their peers, to learn new skills, learn about themselves and discover new games, the better.


Support Sports

help2kids has been supporting sports for children. We provide a friendly and conducive environment for children to play from early childhood to secondary school teenagers. We have trained caregivers and teachers with the help of volunteers who have been supportive in assisting children to develop social and help in self-recognition through playing.



With the help of private sponsors, we have been able to establish two football teams: an under 15 boys’ team and an under 15 girls’ team, both representing the school under the banner of ‘The Rainbows.’ Both teams have a coach who is assisted by help2kids’ volunteers interested in coaching football. By establishing the football team, we aim to allow our kids space to express their energy positively to develop leadership skills and a sense of teamwork. Look at our kids in action!


Sports Events

For three years now help2kids has been organizing an annual sports event in Dar es Salaam, aimed at connecting with the local community and primary school around.  The event is a one-day football tournament, which pits teams from local schools and international schools against one another for a chance to win a top prize.

The goal is to provide a fun and safe event for kids in Dar es Salaam while creating stronger ties to the community and networking with nearby schools.


Check out photos from this year’s help2kids Charity Football Tournament.


help2kids is eager to improve sports facilities for the kids in all of our projects and establish more team of different games such as netball, basketball, and volleyball. Also, we are planning on having a professional trainer for children and have more equipment and high standard playground.



The help2kids sports program in Malawi leverages concepts from Grassroots Soccer to provide a fun, engaging, and gender inclusive afterschool program for students ages 10-18 at Lifuwu Basic Primary School.


We build a future generation of strong active and motivated individual. With your support we can discover talents, grooming them and motivate them to be the best they can be. We can help the young generation to realize their potential, utilize their potential, learn and develop social and leadership skills through playing.