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Cakes and pancakes (English)



This time it´s the two german volunteers (Janina and Kristina) keeping you updated about the last week. This first week was full of dates and happenings for the new volunteers. Monday was Francesca’s birthday but we couldn´t really celebrate it because, sadly for everyone, Cassandra Seidler flew back to America. After she and Jason were in a car accident, her health situation and also the high level of bad luck she had in the past months made her decide to go back to her family (have a look at our news website). We are all very sad but we respect her decision and hope that she is getting well soon.


On Tuesday Francesca bought two big cakes and Juice for the kids to celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday Francy!!!

We had a great day, with candies, juices, cakes and games like stop dance and other funny birthday games.


Unfortunately we had to go to the hospital again, because two of our boys had infected wounds each on toe and thump caused by all the dirty water everywhere.  The Doctor had to cut these swollen wounds open to release the pressure, everything without painkillers. They were in a lot of pain, crying and everyone in the hospital could hear them screaming.


After an injection against the pain they were drinking their mango juice very calmly and felt asleep directly in the car. In addition to that, another girl had a big swelling next to her eye. On top of everything Janina got Malaria in her first week in Tanzania. Luckily she recognized it very early and is already feeling better now. So we wish everyone to get well soon.

On Saturday we made some delicious pancakes for the kids and kindly some guests from the Duka across the street donated sodas for the kids, which they enjoyed together with the pancakes.


Since we are four volunteers now, we started to have classes with at least one group of kids every afternoon. Two groups learned the basic greetings in English and we also did a math test with them. With the smaller group we sang the song “hand-shoulders-knees-&toes”, which was very cute.

The upcoming week we will continue painting the big world map on one of the walls rounding the compound.  Pictures of that and much more in the next blog.


Best regards and thanks for reading!!

The two germans, Janina and Kristina
Volunteers help2kids