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Jambo help2kids friends! This time Corinne, volunteer from Switzerland, is giving you a few updates about the life here at the Children Home.

As Monica informed you last time, our volunteers Kurt and Marianne have started some special projects at help2kids. Their first project, namely the help2kids garden at the Friendly Gecko Guest House, is finished and the vegetables have already sprouted which makes them hugely proud – no wonder when keeping in mind how hard they worked on it!

In order to begin with their second big project – a covered washing place for the mamas – the bathroom for Patrick, our assistant manager and his family had to be built. After some serious problems with the pipe system (it broke three times in a row, normal routine here in Africa because of wrong spare parts and unskilled plumbers!) it turned out pretty well: Papa Patrick, Mama Grace and little Osman are very happy about their new bathroom, painted in white and blue with lovely tiles on the floor. Now we are working on the washing place, about which you’ll be informed more in detail in our next blog.

The daily work of volunteers proceeds smoothly and with various activities. In particular I’d like to mention our painting session – we’ve bought pots for the help2kids garden and let the kids color them – and our baking „Grittibänzli“ (a special sweet bread) at Santa Clause Day.


During the Christmas holidays, which have started 10 days ago, we’re planning other activities in- and outside the children home. Not to forget are our daily lessons in English and Mathematics that we still run for each kid – adapted to one’s individual level and knowledge. Unfortunately some children are still falling much behind in class because it was not cared sufficiently about their education before they came to help2kids. We are really trying hard to improve their level of education so they are able to keep up in school. But of course it is difficult, the children are still young, need also a lot of free time and are not used to “intensive” learning.


Apart from all these positive impressions we and especially the children also had to deal with a sad goodbye: after supporting the help2kids projects for almost two months, Marc, Romain, and Jenna went back home. 


Asante sana for everything you’ve done for the kids, they miss you like crazy – and so does the whole help2kids family!



We are happy to welcome new volunteers: Blanca and Rachel from Spain. They are working at the children home during the weekends and they are teaching English to the Standard IV students at Wamato School. Karibuni sana!


So far the latest updates from the help2kids children home with our little sweeties.
Lots of sunshine from Tanzania!

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