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The Beginning



Arriving back in Malawi as always I was greeted with worm welcoming faces and heart warming smiles. Driving down the Lifuwu road to Leopard Bay the home of Friendly gecko Malawi the car is soon surrounded by children yelling our names in excitement that were back!

Having four new volunteers Esther, Sophie, Sam and Sarah from England the children are extra excited and they know there week at school is going to be so much fun!


For the past couple of days the volunteers have been working with the stranded 1 class, There are 175 children in this class of 5 year olds so as you can imagine the teacher was so happy to have their help! They have been doing the English and maths with lots of songs and activities so loads of fun all round.

The afternoons have been filled with swimming and games of duck, duck, goose on the beach just out the front of our house. The children are never tired of playing.

On the weekend the volunteers walked along the beach up to Senga Bay where they had a drink and enjoyed the view of the bay down below then caught a dumper (the back of a push bike) back to the guest house.

I hope you all enjoyed your week as much as we did!