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Back to school



Mambo everybody!

A new exciting week here in Mbezi Beach is just gone. On Monday the children were back to School, motivated to learn more. After some days of assessment, now the classes are made: we have 7 kids in Nursery, 6 in Standard I, 7 in Standard II, 4 in Standard III and 1 in Standard IV. The children did big improvements since last year and we are sure that, also thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, their academic skills will progress day after day. The kids are split in three different schools in our area: most of kids attend Mbezi Primary School, Abu and Eliuter go to Kawe School and Nuru and Neema are now students at Nyerere Primary School.

Also our lovely big dada Taussi will begin soon the school: she has passed the examination in order to begin Secondary School. She will attend a public Secondary School located near by the Children Home (despite it is a “public” Secondary School, the school fees amount to USD 300 per year).

The daily routine at the Children’s Home is now set: school during the morning for all the kids, then the little ones come back for lunch while the eldest stay until afternoon for extra subjects. And the afternoon is dedicated to 3 main activities: laundry & cleaning, play-time and lessons with volunteers. The computer lessons are still the childrens’ favorite activities and they are now exploring new didactic games. A big importance is given to teaching English of course, that’s why the kids are divided in couples – little groups and every volunteer is in charge of them.

The volunteers’ team is getting bigger: we want to welcome Melissa, Georg and Madeleine. Our volunteers are always dedicating quality time to the children, playtime and lessons.

Last Thursday was a public holiday in Tanzania and the guys have organized an amazing outdoor day with all the kids in the field. Face painting, racing competitions, football, team games: the children have enjoyed a wonderful day outside of the Children’s Home playing and laughing with all the volunteers.

The volunteers are also back at Wamato School, where twice per week they teach English to 60 students. Mathematics, grammar, reading, writing…the pupils are slowly improving and they are really happy to receive extra English lessons.

As we presented in the last blog, the help2kids family is growing. The new children, Selma, Angela, Francisca, Riziki and Costantine, are doing very well. They are all enrolled in school. They are getting familiar with the rules of our Children’s Home and with the daily routine. They are all happy kids, smiling finally after a difficult past. Still exploring around, we are sure in not more than 2 weeks they will be completely acquainted at the Children’s Home.

Of course, because of the increased number of kids also the number of staff had to be increased: we are glad to introduce you Mama Demi, our new foster Mama in charge of caring the kids. Mama Demi just graduated at Upendo Nursing College. And a big welcome also to Mama Fanny, who will help Mama Anna in cooking for our super-hungry kids!


The increased number of children of course means also need of new rooms and bathroom: that’s why, after couple of weeks of hard work, the new dormitory is finally ready and also the toilet has been fixed. Now the boys live in the back house, split in 2 dormitories. The girls are in the main house, split in 2 dormitories. So far, they all seem happy about the new accommodation. A big thank-you goes to our guardians Abel, Nowel and Anthony who helped us a lot in the renovation of the toilet.

Dear help2kids friends, thanks for reading and thanks for your constant support. Without you we will not be able to help children and offer them a better future. We hope you will continue to assist us!

Stay tuned for the next blog! Kwa heri,
Director Tanzania