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Another School Year Begins!


The school year has begun at help2kids primary school and nursery program and new students are filling our classes. Welcome watoto!

This little guy is very eager to get started with his school work. Bring on the lessons!


The nursery teacher at the primary school has her hands full teaching the new little ones all the songs and dances that make her class so much fun. Clapping, dancing, jumping and singing, the nursery class is learning the numbers and the alphabet. 

Already this year we have added some class improvements to accommodate our large nursery classes. We had our class benches shorten to better fit our little ones and we’ve put in a large straw mat so that students can gather around the teacher for story time and lessons. Hopefully these improvements will help the students focus on their classwork!

Standard 1 has close to 60 students! This includes several pupils who graduated our Kunduchi nursery program and are taking advantage of the free education at our primary school. The volunteers are assisting the Standard 1 teacher by teaching English, answering questions, and maintaining order. We are thankful for the volunteers who make it possible to offer education for all of these students.

We are pleased to welcome back our older students as well. They have returned with new enthusiasm for lessons and lots of excitement for posing for photos. Standards 6 and 7 are demonstrating their most clever and studious looks.

In Kunduchi, the nursery program also has new students who are adjusting to academic life and learning to keep up with Dizenyeto’s questions. The children are happy to come to school to color, sing songs, and make new friends. The volunteers continue to lead the lessons and come up with fun new ways to learn the days of the week, months of the year, and the numbers up to ten!

At the children’s home, we recently celebrated Suzy’s birthday and Suzy and Donaldi posed for a nice brother-sister photo! The kids ate candy and danced for two straight hours.
Everyone except Digna has started school again after a fun-filled holiday season. Digna is still too young to go to school but spends most of the day “reading” books on the floor of my office. She also loves to color, take care of the mama’s babies, and help with chores around the home.


Because they were top 20 in their class at the government school, Riziki, Dotto, and Haika now attend Valentine School. Thank you to the sponsors who have made this move possible! Valentine School is an English medium private school in Mbezi Beach, where the children will receive a far better education. Selemani was also in the top 20 in his class last  year but he will continue at Mbezi Beach school because he is too old to transfer. We are very proud of all our hard working students! Many of the volunteers tutor children in the afternoon, going over homework and trying to improve their English.

We are all working very hard to help every child do their very best in school at every one of our projects. Thanks to all volunteers, staff, and  supporters who will help us achieve our goals in 2014!