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Another Great Week at help2kids



Mambo everyone!

My name is Kristina, and I have been volunteering at help2kids since October 2011. This week, I am writing the blog. Another week has passed at our help2kids children’s home.

Last week, we said goodbye to our lovely volunteers Laura, Melissa and Georg! The kids drew them good-bye-paintings and got a healthy goodbye surprise: oranges and plums! Thank you Laura, Melissa and Georg for your efforts! We will miss you!

The IT- lessons at the Wamato School that are taking place 3 times per week are very successful! The kids are very curious and happy to learn new things!
To get to know each other better, the volunteers, the mamas, and the rest of the staff are having lunch together three times per week. It is a lovely idea and we enjoy spending time together.
Below are pictures of Mama Deme, Mama Anna, Patrick, Mama Leah, and Mama Maria:

One of our new volunteers, wonderful Bibi (Grandma) Vari, had a great idea: She sponsored a fundi (carpenter) to build “cubbies” for the kids. The cubbies are meant to hold the kids’ clothes and will encourage them to develop pride in keeping their personal space clean! The kids are very excited about the cubbies! Thank you Bibi Vari!



Part of the new volunteer structure is teaching English lessons in the afternoon with our Nursery and Standard 1 kids. The kids are improving a lot and enjoy having their afternoon English lessons with Bibi Vari who is a creative teacher!

When the kids are not in their English class, the volunteers organize projects for them. This week we have been writing their names for their new cubbies, drawing, painting with water colors, and making bracelets! The kids really like to be creative!

So, dear readers, this is the news of the week!

Best wishes,