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Adorable Visitors


This was a huge week here at help2kids. My sister and best friend arrived and got to see first hand what it takes to run a place as complicated and wonderful as our home here. We also met the potential future residents of help2kids this week. Partnering with the children’s home Friends of Don Bosco (FDB), 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls) were asked if they would like to possibly move to our beautiful home here in Mbezi Beach, Dar Es Salaam. We decided that it would be best for the children to experience the home before making their decision, so Muhali, my sister Carrie, my friend Katie, Patrick, and myself, all piled into the car and met the children. There we played with the kids, braided each other’s hair, got dizzy with a spinning chair, and honked the car’s horn. Then we all jumped back into the car, only this time we had the 6 children plus the social worker of FDB who was joining us so that he could make a report of help2kids for the Director’s Board of FDB. It was packed! Off we headed to thehelp2kids home, the children entertaining us with songs such as “Baby” (the song you hear in the video here).  

They also went wild when Shakira’s “Waka Waka” came on the radio (they LOVE that song here!), somehow finding the room to wiggle and dance. We all arrived home and I passed out the toys that Frank had brought from Switzerland (which were generously donated by his little nephew). The kids spread out throughout the house, laughing and giggling, even talking to Frank and Christian on Skype! The house felt alive and happy. Abu was happier than I had ever seen him, sharing the toys with all of the kids and smiling as big as possible. He seemed to really bond with Neema, a little girl with albinism, who sang songs to him all afternoon. After playing for hours and then eating as much rice, mchicha (a traditional spinach dish), and fruit as they possibly could, they all snuck off to the dormitory and took a nap. 


Unfortunately, the children had to go back to FDB at the end of the night. They asked us when they could come back and we said as SOON as possible! The saddest part was little Abu, who tried to pile into the car with us, saying “gari” (car) over and over again. He seemed to really bond with Neema and looked a little heartbroken as we all drove away. The last step for these children to come and live with us is a submission of the social worker’s report (which I believe will be great, considering I received an extremely positive email from him as soon as he left) and then an approval from the Director’s Board. I have a feeling that this little visit is the beginning of something great.


On a smaller but still important point, the winner of the name contest has been determined by a collective vote by the staff here in Tanzania as well as our family in Switzerland! The official name of the new tortoise is Scrams, meaning that the winner is Jason Foreman of California! We will be contacting you by email to receive your contact information so that you can start showing off that super cool elephant necklace!

Well, I’m off to Zanzibar with my sister and friend and will hopefully have a lot of great pictures and video to show you in next week’s blog! My sister generously donated a compact video camera and so many more videos will be coming your way in each week’s blog.  

Thank you again for reading and don’t forget to let me know any thoughts or comments that you may have about your friends here in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania!