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A flooded X-Mas!



Dear help2kids friends, this time is Wiebke in charge of the blog. Let’s start with a little weather broadcast! The Christmas week started off with thunderstorms, lightning and flooding rains very unusual for this time of the year. At first we were fascinated by nature but after hours and then days off pouring rain, we started to worry. Streets turned into rivers and rivers turned into gurgling streams and on the third day, we had a lake in front of our house and getting anywhere was an adventure.   

The Children’s Home was also affected mostly because the septic tank kept overflowing. Within four days the tank was pumped out twice, not to speak of the smell and the broken toilets. The new wash place – the last project of Kurt and Marianne, was flooded and the mamas` had to wait two more days before they could finally use it. But now everyone is enjoying this new washing place, and doing laundry never been so funny! Waiting even more were the kids, staying inside for three days, turned them into little energy balls. Movies, puzzles and books were their best friends in the past days.

But the rain brought us also Frank from Switzerland and the kids counted down to Christmas! We decided to have a Christmas dinner at the Children’s Home together with the mamas, Patrick, the volunteers and the guards and got a donation for the food from Monika`s brother and sister. A big Asante Sana to Mathias and Miranda! The mamas made Pilau, a typical Tanzanian dish for special occasions, chips and we bought sausages for the barbeque. And finally sodas and ice-cream!


In the late afternoon when the tables were set, the kids showered and dressed up in their Sunday clothes, we started our little celebration. Together with our former volunteer Jenna each child had made a little book about themselves, which they now presented to all of us. Suddenly they were shy and so quiet it made us smile. Proudly they took their little presents, schoolbooks Monika had bought for them from another donation. Thank you! 

The kids prepared a little books about themselves, their favorite toys, animals, and what they want to become when they grow up! Enjoy the video with Zainabu and Evaristo…

Then the mamas served a delicious Pilau, the kids had soda and the sausages were gone quicker than the eye could blink. Francesca brought a CD with Christmas songs and after dinner the kids were singing and dancing, the biggest hit that night being Feliz Navidad. It was a great Christmas Eve and thank you once again for all the donations and support.

Enjoy the video of the kids dancing and singing together with Corinne!

Dear help2kids friends, our kids had a wonderful X-Mas. We are grateful for all the support received last year and we hope you will still helping us in the upcoming year.



A big ASANTE SANA from all of us!
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