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Malawi: Africa’s best kept secret



Malawi is much more than a country struggling with poverty and diseases. The Lonely Planet travel guide has named Malawi as one of the top ten countries in the world to visit in 2014. Considering that the tourism industry here is far away to be compared to other destinations in the world and in Africa, that is very unexpected news! Although Malawi cannot compete with its neighbouring countries in terms of favourite destination for holidays, it is certainly a country which deserves a visit for many reasons. Pleasant sceneries and a varied nature with white sand beaches and high mountains; an excellent level of safety which makes Malawi to be named the Africa for beginners; of course, the lake which is exquisite and looks more like an ocean than anything else with its magnificent views and colours. Last but not least, Malawi is probably the friendliest country you will ever visit. The warm heart of Africa is enticing, it beckons you and will for sure give you a lifetime of memories.


Life and work in Lifuwu continue going well. We have completed the new class and the outdoor kitchen at the nursery. Patson built a new efficient cook stove which uses less firewood, cooks quickly, makes less smoke, and it’s safer for the children. The new class will accommodate the nursery school, approximately 40 kids aged 4-5 years, while the old class will act as a day care centre. Soon we will start the painting and I am sure we will have a lot of fun! Thanks to the generous donations of our former volunteers, we have bought loads of new games for our children. We know that drawing is their favourite activity… we hardly understand, however, what the kids doodle. Unappreciated little artists!


Our current volunteers, Inga and Janny, are doing a great job at Kazembe and Nursery. Janny loves the kids corner and she has so much creativeness and patience. Inga ran a new football tournament at Kazembe Primary School and, as usual when trying to organize something at the school, the tournament turned into football matches without tournament since only a few out of the 95 children who signed up for it showed up regularly. Still, they had lots of fun and they played the final wearing the new jerseys that Inga has donated! Michael, from England, has just arrived after spending some time teaching English in South Korea and he is now settling in his new life in Lifuwu.


Last but not least, a warm welcome to our new team member at help2kids in Malawi! Carliann joined us from America and she will stay with us for 6 months. Here is a message for you!

“Hello from Lifuwu!  My name is Carliann Brashier and I am a new intern here at help2kids in Malawi. I arrived last week and will be assisting with project and volunteer coordination. I am really looking forward to experiencing a new country in East Africa and getting to meet and work with help2kidsvolunteers from all over the world. My first week in Lifuwu has been very busy getting to know the community and seeing all of the projects help2kids is involved with. I particularly enjoyed traveling to one of the neighbouring villages for the Clinic’s Outreach Program to see how the Lifuwu community and help2kids are involved not only in the health and development of its own children, but also of those in surrounding communities. It has been great becoming acquainted with all the staff and current volunteers at the Friendly Gecko and I look forward to getting to know them all even better. Although it has been a little hot (I see why it is called the “warm heart of Africa”) my first week has been very pleasant and I look forward to continuing to eat my meals looking out onto the beautiful Lake Malawi for the rest of my stay here at the Friendly Gecko and withhelp2kids.”

As always, a big thanks to all who support help2kids in Malawi. Please keep on following and supporting us. 

Have a wonderful week!


help2kids Malawi Project Manager