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Under the rain!



Mambo help2kids rafiki (friends in Swahili), after few weeks of volunteers writing the blog, this time Francesca is back.

We are now in the middle of the little rain season, planned to last from November to December. So far it is not giving us big problems and, as long as we stay in the house, we can deal with it. But of course every morning our kids have to walk to school and then to walk back home with the volunteers. When they arrive home they are so wet and muddy that they all look like little frogs! Luckily, even if the rain sometimes is really harsh, their mood is still positive and they enjoy jumping in the puddles and running in the rain. Of course, because of the rain, the traffic is bad and the roads become very flooded and dangerous. 

Still two weeks of school and then the children will be home for one month for holiday. That’s why we are now, together with the volunteers, planning and increasing our system of lessons and private tuition. We think that English, mathematic, reading and writing are fundamental for a child so, even if is going to be holiday, the normal schedule at the orphanage will not change. We want to prepare the kids better and to improve their knowledge.


Private lessons, couple lessons, laptop exercise: this is how our volunteers every day work towards the objective of supporting the kids in their education and formation. Besides the didactic side of their activities, a big importance is given also to play-time: in fact, we believe that it is a right of each child to have time and spaces to play and be happy. Thanks to the volunteers’ fantasy and creativity, there is never a day similar to the one before. Finally, another task of the volunteers is to help the Mamas in the daily duties and errands at the orphanage: that’s why we have a chores’ schedule, including supervising in uniforms’ washing, preparation of lunch or cleaning after lunch.


Also the English lessons at our partner school Wamato are going really well and now, after one month of implementing the project, we can already see some improvements. Of course, there is still a lot to be done because the school system is very poor in Tanzania but out volunteers are putting a lot of efforts in supporting the Standard 6’s students.


In December we are going to increase the number of hours per week, since the students will be on vacation. And we are sure that with this extra exercise they will benefit a lot.

Talking about volunteers, is now time to say goodbye to Janet from Germany. She just got home after one month in Tanzania, thank you so much for your help!


Our new volunteer is Corinne from Switzerland who is going to stay with us for 10 weeks.

Thanks to a special and precious donation, our albino girls next year will be able to attend a private school close to the orphanage (well, actually the school compound is bordering with our house!). Albino children in Tanzania (more correctly, in whole Africa) face tremendous and life threating problems. In fact, the mistaken belief that albino body parts have magical powers in witchcraft has driven thousands of Africa’s albinos into hiding, fearful of losing their lives and limbs to unscrupulous dealers.


Until now our girls Nuru and Neema were enrolled in a school 1.5 km away from the orphanage. And every day they had to walk to/from the school. Even if they were never unattended, the risk of being taken was always present. That’s why the support that we are now receiving is valuable and priceless and we want to send our biggest and deepest thank-you for this.


Now the biggest effort of the volunteers will be to prepare especially Nuru to perform the examination that she will have to do in order to be admitted to the school (in fact, this new school is an English school and they will test Nuru’s level to decide in which standard to put her).


Well, for this week is all. Let’s all hope that the sun will come back shining soon.

Stay tuned for the next blog,
Director Tanzania