Keeping Girls in School
Tanzanian Education in 6 Figures
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Clinical Outreach Program Malawi
Children Health Workshops Program
Investing in Girls’ Education!
Drama and Movement Project
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Youth development beyond school education
Strive to make changes through education
When Putting Up Walls Brings a Community Together: Building the Kunduchi Wall
6 Ways to Keep Giving After You’ve Finished Volunteering
Kunduchi clean up: Tackling waste in Dar es Salaam
A volunteer's story: Discovering Lifuwu, the village by the lake
Reasons to smile
Kicking Things into Gear with Grassroots Soccer
"We Started From The Bottom Now We Are Here!"
'Tis The Season
A Clear Vision for the Future
New Donation, New Ideas
Deep Impact
WASHing hands, preventing illnesses
The Pay Off of Hard Work
A Renewed Opportunity
These Walls Have Spoken
Can't Get Enough
31 Kids That Rewrote My Story
Bright Idea
Food, Fun, and Family
Tis The Season
Sex Ed: HIV & Health
Safety First
The Lasting Gift of Education
Opportunity Knocks
Advancing Literacy & Storytelling at the Children's Home
The Extra Mile
Scoring On and Off the Field
Battle of the Babes
Holistic Health Care in Tanzania
Think Positive
Midterm Break at the Children’s Home
The Bigger Picture
Food For Thought
Healthcare Delivered
It Takes A Village...
Volunteering at Mwandaliwa
Bajeviro Primary School
First Day at School
Happy New Year
A New Building for a New Year
A Children’s Home Preparation for Christmas
help2kids goes to the Lake of Stars Music Festival
Back to School at Kazembe
Recycling Matters
Helping On Holiday
Rainbows Kick into Action
Warm Heart of Africa
The Day of the African Child
The Goat Races
Konda Ku Lifuwu
New Skills and Experiences
The Power of Play
Malawi: Full Hearts (and Guest House)
Everybody is Learning!
Volunteering at the Lifuwu Health Clinic
Kunduchi English Corner
Changes are Knock(ing)
Another School Year Begins!
From a Building to a Classroom
Malawi: Africa’s best kept secret
International Day of the Girl
Hot Season in Malawi
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One year in Malawi
Kunduchi, My Second Home
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New Volunteers & the Beginning of "Winter"
Well done, well done, shua!
Good bye, Ndapita!
Volunteering at the Lake of Stars
Fun in February
Mambo from Jessica!
Back to School Again
The Holiday Season at help2kids
Christmas is in the air...
Summer Days in Malawi
From Tanzania to Malawi
A Day in the Life of a Volunteer
Working and relaxing
New Puppies
School starting again
Vacation Weeks and Kunduchi Construction
Visit of the lemurs
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Goodbye Johnny, Hello Richard
The Beginning
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Goodbyes, Hellos, and Our New Project in Malawi
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The Rain
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Goodbye from Bibi Vari
Spring Break
help2kids "Mamas"
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A little party before the rain
Another Great Week at help2kids
New Beginnings
Computers, English and goodbye!
Back to school
help2kids is growing!
A flooded X-Mas!
Big works going on
Let the sunshine in
Under the rain!
Teacher, computer!
Let's speak English!
Welcome new volunteers!
An environmental week
Rolling up the sleeves (English)
Karibu Vinzenz (English)
Life as a help2kids volunteer
A wet week
The Zoo!
The Olympics in Tanzania!
Flower power
Finally holidays!
Puppets and Beach
Cakes and pancakes (English)
Karibu new volunteers
The big relocation (English)
A lot of rain, a lot of problems (English)
A rainy welcome
Hospitals and Houses (English)
A Big Week (English)
Another Week For Desiree (English)
Classes and Cakes
From a Volunteer's Perspective
A Week of Many
The Bittersweet
Adorable Visitors
Residents and Residence
The Tortoise, Tango
Commissioners and Kittens
The Good and the Bad
My Introduction
World AIDS day
I can't do without...
A little rain
...And "vorwärts to Zurich-Paradeplatz"????
Back to square one...
A real lesson in honesty
The Road Trip...
The big milestone
Tobias the craftsman…
My first week in Tanzania