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The "bigger steps" of the help2kids projects in East Africa.















January 2019


January marks the beginning of new year and end of the holiday season and for help2kids is likely to be the most remarkable month especially for kids at our Campus & Children’s Home. The most outstanding achievement is moving to the new Campus and Children’s Home in Kunduchi. The place is much bigger which can accommodate more kids and has enough space for games and recreation. It is also conducive for academic growth with proper library and computer room. The campus has an office block which can accommodate all team project managers and staff.

For Bajeviro and Kunduchi, the children are so excited for 2019 both academically and socially! It is a new academic year so most of our kids have moved to upper classes. We have students who joining at all school levels.   We have new students at both Bajeviro and Kunduchi. This has been a little challenging to the teachers since most of the children are not used to being away from their parents for so long. However, with the help of our amazing volunteers, the teachers have been able to support the beginners to adjust to an exciting school life.



It has been a great start to the New Year here in Lifuwu! We had our annual help2kids and Friendly Gecko staff party at Kubumba Hotel. It was a great opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work over the past year. 

With the help of Mustapher, we have revamped our after school English Classes! On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons our volunteers devise fun and interactive English lessons for students from standard 6 to 8. The lessons have been going really well and attendance is strong! We have also welcomed Godfrey as our new librarian.  Godfrey was an Education Sponsorship Program student, who graduated from secondary school last year. We are excited to welcome him to the help2kids team!



















It has been a quite busy month for help2kids Tanzania but the most remarkable of 2018. From the start of the month we had a lot of celebrations for the Christmas season!  At the Children’s Home all our children were on holiday break from school so it was a perfect time for them to do some extra classes in preparation for next year’s academic performance. The children were also very excited to be moving to the new campus which is more conducive for them. It’s a great experience for the kids to have a home.

December brought the closing of Bajeviro Primary School as well as Kunduchi Daycare Center. Our Bajeviro Primary School kids celebrated the closure of school with a ceremony and parent meeting. The parents had the chance to discuss matters such as academic performance and behavior matters of the kids. In the ceremony we recognized the top performers from nursery to grade six and they were given rewards to further motivate them in the coming year. It was a great windup of the academic year with Santa giving gifts to all the children.



help2kids Malawi kicked off December with the annual World Aids Day football tournament! The Lifuwu Health Center team and the drama club went to the neighboring village of Mphene to raise awareness of HIV, its causes and treatments. As well as enjoying the football matches, dancing and drama sketches, people could access important services such as HIV testing and counselling. Lifuwu’s own Kazembe football team won the tournament!

December saw the close of the first school term for our partner primary and nursery schools.  Despite the rain, the school closing ceremonies were as busy as ever!  Alongside their parents and teachers, students celebrated their achievements from the past school term.  The December school holidays were full of fun and festivities. help2kids threw a Christmas party for Grass Roots Soccer and a New Year ’s Eve party for the Lifuwu Health Center Drama Club.













November was a remarkable and memorable month. help2kids opened our new campus & children's home in Kunduchi. The celebration was attended by kids of the children’s home, and help2kids president, Frank Hakenjos together with his wife and cofounder Mama Maria. We had various performances such as traditional drum and modern dance music from kids.

As the year is about to end, we are also winding up the academic year at Kunduchi and Bajeviro. We had a phenomenal academic month with enrolling of new students in both schools for nursery and standard one. This November, standard seven results came out; the performance was higher compared to previous years especially from girls with an overall average of B.  Apart from that, we had parent meetings to discuss academic issues and how parents can support teacher in their children's academics.



November has been a fun and productive month in Lifuwu! Twice a week our volunteers have been running after school tutoring and computer classes for the Education Sponsorship Program Students.   The students have been working hard and making the most of the opportunity to have one to one tutoring.

help2kids has been working alongside the Girls Guides at our partner primary schools to encourage girls to complete their primary education.   We have begun a new program that brings role models from the community to come and speak to the girls.  The female members of the Lifuwu Health Center Drama club met with the Kazembe Primary School Girls Guide to perform and speak with the students about the importance of staying in school.  It was an afternoon full of fun, as the Kazembe students danced and performed their own comedy sketch too. 















October was full of fun since we celebrated standard seven and nursery class graduation for at Bajeviro Primary School. We had various performances such as dance, drama, and poetry from lower classes. Our standard seven students were given their certificates and rewards for those who had shown great academic effort and discipline throughout their primary education. The day was full of fun, food, and music. Parents of standard seven were given the opportunity to bring presents for their children. We would like to congratulate all of our graduates!

It was a busy month for Kunduchi since we have ongoing construction at the Daycare Center. We are aiming to improve the learning environment for our children. We are building an additional classroom and the proper dinning area for the children. Also, we are working to improve the playing area by having more play sets and other playing equipment for the children.


MalawiOctober has seen two new exciting projects begin in Lifuwu!  Our volunteers
are now running computer classes with the standard 8 learners at Lifuwu
Primary School.  The learners have really been enjoying the lessons and are
picking up computer skills amazingly quickly.  After the first lesson you
would not believe that none of them had used a computer before!

At help2kids we always encourage our volunteers to use their talents and
skills in our projects. Our amazing volunteer Simone has begun a drama and
movement project. The group of fifteen teenagers, between 13 and 18 years
old, have been meeting every Tuesday.  It has been incredible to see how
much the children have enjoyed and engaged with the project. Lifuwu has a
lot of creative talent to offer!











This month was a busy month for Bajeviro. Standard seven did their national examination early this month, followed by mid-term exams for the rest of the classes from pre-one to standard six. The after the school programs were closed for two weeks for all the classes except standard four who had extra courses for four hours daily.

For the Education Sponsorship Program the coordinator together with the teachers, selected students to join Education Sponsorship Program. For next year we were able to get ten students from Bajeviro and four students from Children’s Home. To find out more about the selected students, please click here.


Back to School! September was the beginning of the new academic year for the help2kids partner nurseries, primary schools, and our Education Sponsorship Program students. Tiyanjane Nursery School has had a big intake this year. help2kids partners with the Tiyanjane Aids Fighters to run a feeding program at the nursery.  Each day we provide a nutrition-enhanced bowl of phala (maize mill porridge) to now over 200 students!

Our 17 new Education Sponsorship Students have started their first term of secondary school and are all settling in well! The returning ESP students were all delighted to back at school and to see the new challenges the new school year has in store for them. Each student was provided with their materials for the new term, including new textbooks, stationery, and school uniforms!







August was a remarkable month for our children at Kunduchi Daycare Center. We had a donation of swings for children at the Daycare Center from our amazing volunteers. Apart from the donation, they have dedicated their time to helping teachers in organizing children’s activities and assist the children in studies.

For our children at Bajeviro, it was a busy month for standard seven students as they prepared for the national examination. Also, the Education Sponsorship Program coordinator together with the teachers selected the new kids to be joining the education sponsorship program for next year.




It was an exciting winter break in Lifuwu this August full of work and play for our Education Sponsorship Program Students. Our volunteers have been giving the ESP students computer lessons several times a week. Students do not get the opportunity to use computers at school and made an unbelievable amount of progress over the holidays! The ESP Students also went on a trip to Cape Maclear to celebrate their hard work over the past year. They visited HEED, where they learnt about deforestation and alternative, sustainable fuel sources. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach, swimming and playing games.

We welcomed 17 new students to our Education Sponsorship Program! This is an amazing achievement, as places at government secondary schools are extremely competitive. Congratulations to these students, whose hard work and determination has definitely paid off!











July 2018


July marked the return to school for all our children. It was also a busy and exciting month! On July 21 we had the third annual help2kids Charity Football Tournament. The goal was to provide a fun and safe event for kids in Dar es Salaam while creating stronger ties with the community and networking with nearby schools. The help2kids founder Mr Frank Hakenjos joined the team to support in the organization and the success of the event. The tournament was amazing: one of our teams, Bajeviro Rainbows, won the first prize of the girls’ round and all of the kids went home with big smiles on their faces.



Schools out! Both nursery schools and both primary schools celebrated their end of the year with graduation ceremonies that took place on July 20th and 21st. Top students from each class were awarded gifts by parents and help2kids alike. There was dancing, singing, and smiles all around.

We would like to give a special thank you to our hard working staff at Tiyanjane, who continue to develop curriculum and dedicate their time to the growth of the Tiyanjane students. They are truly passionate about their work and they do so with love and care for all the students.





June 2018


June was holiday time! Although for the first two weeks, we brought our kids together to attend holiday classes at Bajeviro to improve in some subjects like Mathematics, English and Science. In June the Tanzanian help2kids team welcomed a new Field Manager, Binta Ceesay and was a time to say goodbye to Harriet Smith, our previous Field Manager who did an excellent job in her role for the past one-year and a half.



We said a sorrowful farewell to both Kate and Caroline during the first few weeks of June. Kate has been with help2kids for two years and Caroline has been with us for four months. Both will be dearly missed by the staff and the community.

The latter half of June brought plenty of excitement; the drama club met with three other drama groups at Lifeline Health Center in Chipoka. The day was filled with education, entertainment, performances and laughter. Grassroots Soccer welcomed our new volunteers as well, who taught lessons of local diseases through games. GRS looks forward to their field trip that will take place thanks to a donation from a previous volunteer.






May 2018


May was quite busy for all of the children since it was the end of the first term here in Tanzania for both secondary and primary students. Students had their examination at the end of May and then we had a small closing ceremony for the students and parents at Bajeviro School and Kunduchi Day Care Centre. Prizes were given to the first three best students and to those who improved academically from all classes, nursery to standard seven. We also had a small parents meeting in which we discussed how to improve the school academically.



May was a month of change here in Malawi. We welcomed our new Program and Volunteer Coordinator, Victoria, and our new Field Manager, Garrett, at the end of the month. They are both looking forward to their time with help2kids and their stay at the Friendly Gecko.

Students are also entering their third and final term of the year. Two of our sponsored students, Godfrey and Emmanuel, will be finishing their secondary education this semester. We wish them the best of luck on their upcoming final exams!








April 2018

Tanzania celebrated Easter with the children at Children’s home together with staffs and mama (caregivers). Also, the children went back to school for another academic quarter after two weeks Easter holiday. The holiday was a productive one since the students had extra lessons for the subjects, which were difficult for them for better academic performance. 




 Malawi; April has brought an end to the rains and the start of the cold season in Malawi! Crops are being harvested and maize and rice are plentiful. Students enjoyed their two week holiday at the start of April and returned to school on the 16th for their third and final term. Standard 8 students at both Lifuwu and Kazembe received the results of their MOCK examinations and we are very happy to announce both schools did very well! Of the entire zone of 14 schools, Lifuwu placed number 1 overall and Kazembe number 3! Students are now in the final weeks of preparation before their final exam in mid-May when all of their primary education comes to a close.





March 2018

Tanzania was an exciting month for help2kids. A lot of activities and improvements were done in our Kunduchi Daycare Centre. The classrooms were renovated and the walls were panted with beautiful learning pictures, also the building of new toilets for the kids. The walls were painted by the teachers and the students from HOPAC School as part of their Service learning week. We are very happy with the results and thankful for their support.


Malawi was filled with examinations and celebrations! Students prepared for the end of term 2 from the nursery up to the primary. The last week of March was reserved for closing ceremonies in which each class congratulated the top learners and those who passed. Teachers, parents, and siblings all celebrated with dancing and small gifts to celebrate their hard work! help2kids was also happy to be able to congratulate the top 10 learners with an exercise book or pen thanks to donations from previous volunteers. We also welcomed back our Education Sponsorship Students for the two week holiday.





February 2018


Throughout the month of February in Tanzania we were very busy at the English Corner in Kunduchi, not only were we implementing the newly developed curriculum for the students, but we also finalised our official registration process. This means that the students in the English Corner will be able to follow a more formalised curriculum, which will lead them to getting the most out of their learning experience.



In Malawi we bid farewell to our Program and Volunteer Coordinator Phoebe after one year and welcomed Caroline to Lifuwu! Our partnership with Lifuwu Primary allowed for a donation of English textbooks for the Standard 7 class and a continued donation of much needed supplies for the school and teaching staff!


Kunduchi daycare centre




January 2018


January was a busy month as all of our students went back to school in Tanzania. Bajeviro started English medium classes in the lower standards and welcomed dozens of new students, while Kunduchi celebrated the completion of the wall around the school. 




In Malawi January also marked the end of holidays and the return to school for the second term of the year. The break was especially short for the primary school Standard 8 students as they continued classes throughout the holiday as they are preparing for the MSCE in May. Our Education Sponsorship Students were excited to return to their schools and we are happy to see the newest selected students are adjusting well to secondary school. English Class has seen an increase of young primary school learners who are eager to put in the extra work in the afternoons to improve their English tuition. January has been warm and we’ve seen very little rain but we have our fingers crossed that February will bring the rains and the growth of the clinic garden!








December 2017


There was a lot to celebrate in December in Lifuwu. At the start of the month the Tiganthe Youth Club celebrated World AIDS Day with performances to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. Students all finished their first term and were able to enjoy a two week holiday. Education Sponsorship Students returned home as well to greet their families and rest after a busy first term. December also means planting season as we prepare for the rains to come. The clinic garden was prepped to begin growing a variety of vegetables to support our Maternity Feeding Program. Now we just have to wait for those rains to come and watch the crops begin to grow.




December in Tanzania was also a big month. As well as end of year celebrations in Kunduchi and Bajeviro, we celebrated Christmas with all of our children and volunteers in our Children’s Home. The end of the year was a great chance to look at everything we achieved in 2017 and our goals for 2018.




November 2017


November was all about giving thanks in Tanzania – special thanks to ECU, who chose to support Bajeviro’s food programme, and all of the sponsors we found for standard 7 students starting high school in 2018.



In Malawi we began the support of a new-born Sumaya, whose mother passed during the delivery. Thankfully Sumaya’s aunt was able to care for the new-born but struggled to provide formula due to the cost. Before reaching out to help2kids, she was doing all she could and providing Sumaya with cow’s milk in the hopes of offering as many nutrients as possible. Thanks to a generous donor, help2kids is now able to provide formula for Sumaya on a weekly basis and will begin to provide phala once Sumaya reaches 6 months.





October 2017


In October we held two major events in Tanzania – the Standard 7 graduation at Bajeviro and a clean up day in Kunduchi. The graduation was an emotional day as outstanding students were recognised and graduates celebrated moving on the next stage of their lives. The Kunduchi clean up, held in conjunction with Nipe Fagio, was a fantastic community effort and educational for everyone involved.



In October our Nursery school teachers attended a training in Blantyre provided by the government. Upon their return our teachers implemented new strategies in daily lessons. Children now have more play time and begin class with a ‘Morning circle’ where they share stories with teachers and classmates and discuss the weather. We focused on fine motor skills as well by adding more small toys to be utilised during their break time.





September 2017


In September the help2kids team went to the Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races, where we had a fun day meeting people from all over Tanzania and talking about our projects. It was a fantastic day out! It was also a busy month with lots of outings for our Children’s Home kids. There was a trip to the movies, a day spent at the Friendly Gecko with an inflatable swimming pool, and a visit to BFM Radio Station, where the children sang, danced, and talked live on air.



In Lifuwu, September means the start of a new school year. Kazembe and Lifuwu Primary Schools were busy registering new students, older students prepared to jump back into the school routine while students new to Standard 1 began the transition from nursery school. And the Nursery schools welcomed many new faces. Our ESP students returned to Secondary school and help2kids was able to provide sponsorship to all newly selected students thanks to support from our new sponsors. 

volunteers in tanzania


volunteering in Malawi



August 2017

During August volunteers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries made a huge contribution to our projects. Classes at the English Corner in Kunduchi were full of energy and learning, with the local fishermen able to practice their English with a big group of volunteers, and learn about the different countries they represented.


August was a big month for help2kids Malawi as we opened our Community Library in Lifuwu! Our volunteers supported the library preparations by painting, building shelves, and sorting books. We had a busy couple of weeks as members of the community were eager to witness the library open officially on 14th August. We are currently planning to add books for secondary school students as well as a weekly newspaper for older members of the community. We are excited to see the continued growth and progress of the library!






July 2017

July was a very busy month for help2kids, because of one main event – the help2kids Charity Football Tournament 2017! Taking place on July 22, the tournament was a huge success. More than 1000 people and 250 children attended, so there was a fun and lively atmosphere all day. As well as the football matches, which saw 18 teams from 10 different schools compete, there was a bouncy castle and face painting to keep the kids occupied. All of the children involved went home with big smiles on their faces!


Over in Malawi, the Nursery and Primary schools celebrated the end of the school term with dancing and rewards for outstanding students. Parents greatly enjoy the closing ceremonies as they are able to see their child’s success and honour them in front of their peers!

children in a school in tanzania 

 June 2017 

June marks the month of  the school holidays in Tanzania. Alongside having lots of fun with arts and crafts, sports, games and movies most of our children were also attending holiday classes and very busy studying hard in preparation for the end of year exams. We were able to bring lots of our children together from the Children’s Home, ESP, and Bajeviro so they could support each other with their studies.  


May 2017

With lots of exams and getting ready for the June holidays, all projects in Tanzania have been full speed ahead. As well as lots of extra tuition and studying hard at Schools,  The Health Project were also able to deliver a very successful  workshop for their care givers as well as start more talks about health for the children. 


April 2017

For Tanzania, we have began preparing for the help2kids Charity Football Tournament 2017 which will be held on the 22nd of July. This upcoming charity event is promising to to be a big success. Our team on the ground have started working tirelessly to make the 22nd of July event a success. Keep up with our updates on Social Media, to find out more about the preparations of the help2kids Charity Football Tournament.


April signaled the end of what was a very heavy rainy season here in Malawi, which means that there is much work to be had!  This month we kicked our Grassroots Soccer program into high gear with new lessons on healthy living techniques, held ceremonies for our wonderful nursery school students, and welcomed home our secondary school sponsorship students, who came home to Lifuwu Village on holiday.  As the village prepares to harvest, we look forward to keeping just as busy in May!


February 2017

help2kids in Tanzania saw another exciting month, with the arrival of new staff,  Maureen, the new Children’s Home and Nursery Coordinator. We have also nearly finished the construction of the 2nd floor at Bajeviro, enabling us to have a new classroom, library and teachers rooms. Look out for more updates next month!   

At the beginning At the beginning

January 2017

In Tanzania, help2kids, had a very exciting month, at the Children’s Home we had 5 new children starting secondary school. We also have 3 children now at boarding school for their final year of primary school education, and we look forward to seeing them back at home during the Easter holidays! A very exciting start to 2017! 


December 2016

This month has been one full of fun! First the children finished with their classes and have been on Christmas Break. Then they were thrown a party by ICAP an organization here in Dar es Salaam. After that they celebrated Christmas AND Boxing day! To top it all off they finished the year off in style by taking a trip to Mbudya Island for a fun day in the sun. We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who made 2016 such a memorable year. See you next year!


November 2016

November was quite the busy month here at help2kids Tanzania. We were happy to see the graduations of several of our older students (Tausi, Evaristo and Nuru). The Health Project has also been incredibly active securing vitamins for malnourished students at Bajeviro and providing special Health talks at the various projects and partners. Keep up the good work guys! Lastly we were visited by our President Frank Hakenjos. Frank came down to discuss the year and set goals for 2017. We then topped off his visit with a fantastic staff party! 

IMG_3069 (1)

October 2016

As the school year begins to wind down we made our final push to acquire sponsors for our Education Sponsorship Kids.  We would like to extend a special thanks to all of the people who have helped make this program a success both this year and in previous years. Education is the key to success for these children. Thank you all very much.


September 2016

September was an exciting time for help2kids. We saw success at the Goat Races, Dar es Salaams premier charity event. We managed to secure a bid which will enable us to provide additional medical support to all of our projects and partners. We also saw the success of the One Sight eye clinic which provided free eye check ups and prescriptions for over 300 of our kids and staff at no charge! Finally Congrats to our standard 7 kids at our primary school Bajeviro who are graduating and moving on to bigger and brighter things.


August 2016

August was quite a busy month for help2kids. We organised and hosted our first Annual help2kids Charity Football Tournament, we have successfully kicked off our latest drive to find donors for our Education Sponsorship Program, we held a fantastic Fun Day after several days of intense testing for our standard 7 kids and the Health Project put together an educational workshop at our school Bajeviro!



July 2016

While the kids in Tanzania had a nice break in June, July marked the return to school and with it the return of homework! Luckily It also brought a slew of new volunteers! We have been making good on our commitment to education at all of our projects in no small part to the tenacious efforts of our staff and volunteers. We have also seen the donation of over 40 computers  finally put to use. Our computer education program has started which we hope will have a wide reaching and positive effect on our staff and children.





June 2016

This month in Tanzania, the help2kids children ended their school semesters after much testing and hard work. The children from the Children’s Home were treated to a very special gift thanks to the generosity of several donors. With their support we were able to spend a lovely day at Mbudya Island for a much deserved ‘summer’ break for both the staff and children. It was the first time the children and our Mamas were able to visit the island and they all spent the day enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

In Malawi, as our volunteer program begins to get busy for the summer, help2kids volunteers have been enjoying our new sports project which started at the end of May. Volunteers and team members alike are engaged by the energetic and engaging atmosphere. As concerns about hunger increase in Malawi, we have fortified our maternity feeding program at Lifuwu Health Center with a 1,700 kg donation of Maize from a former volunteer. We also welcomed John Songo as our new Program Coordinator and interim Volunteer Coordinator.




May 2016

This month help2kids’ Bajeviro Primary School opened their new kitchen. Bajeviro’s cook, Johnny, is especially excited with the new renovations. Previously Johnny had to work out of a dark and concrete block, struggling with charcoal everyday in order to cook the large daily amount of beans and ugali required for the 340 students. Now, with a dry and sanitary storage closet, as well as gas stoves, Johnny has been able to cut down his work time as well as provide a higher quality of food to the hungry students and staff. help2kids is grateful to the donors who made the construction possible and to Johnny who continues to work hard everyday to supply our students with a healthy meal.

In Malawi, during the second week of May, Standard 8 students across Malawi wrote the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education Examination (PSLCEE). The comprehensive, three-day exam determines a student’s academic future, and high scores are essential to secure one of the scarce spots at government secondary schools. In Lifuwu, to ensure they are not late for the strictly regulated tests, students often miss both breakfast and lunch, writing the monumental exams on empty stomachs. To make sure the students perform at their highest potential, help2kids provided breakfast at the testing center in the morning before examinations and a nutritious lunch during the mid-day break. Best of luck to the learners as we hope to admit the top scorers into our Education Sponsorship Program.


April 2016 Malawi News

April 2016

This month the help2kids Tanzanian staff said good-bye to their Health Project Manager, Melisa Yorgancioglu, and welcomed her replacement, Yangzom Tshewang. Yangzom is originally from Bhutan and acquired her Masters in Health Psychology from the University of Westminister in London. She is passionate about community health care and is excited to begin her work at help2kids. We are sorry to bid farewell to our esteemed former employee Melisa, who worked diligently in establishing the Health project at help2kids, however we anticipate exciting changes and growth with Yangzom’s management.

In Malawi, we saw Chisomo Nursery School officially reopen as a bigger, more beautiful, and better-equipped institution. The students, teachers, and parents are ecstatic about the improvement to the point where we have noticed a sharp increase in enrolment at the school. We are all extremely grateful that the quality of the facilities finally matches the quality of the instruction at Chisomo.


March 2016

Our new Children’s Home and Nursery Coordinator, Filipe got straight to work this month at the Kunduchi Nursery school. Working alongside local Dzinyeto, the two teamed up to finally reopen the project which focuses on teaching children aged 3-6 years old basic English, Kiswahili, and Mathematics skills. Almost two months in the making, the team was proud to finally announce this month that the project was ready for its first classes and volunteers to enter. By the end of March, around fifty students were attending daily, with three help2kids volunteers and Dzinyeto teaching classes.

In Malawi, the construction on the Chisomo class building has nearly been completed.  help2kids volunteers Nicole and Susanne have painted beautiful designs in the two classrooms.  All that remains are some finishing touches and desks.  Also in March, Anja, who is a health professional in Switzerland presented a large donation of medical supplies to the Lifuwu Health Center.  Out of all the deeply appreciated supplies, we are very excited about urine test sticks which will help health center staff diagnose patients much more easily.  Thanks for everything, Anja!





February 2016

Projects site were busy in Tanzania this month due to new help2kids hires, Filipe Malgahaes and Jovina Mabula. Filipe, the new Children’s Home and Nursery Coordinator, and Jovina, the new help2kids caretaker at the Children’s Home, were welcomed with open arms by the children. However help2kids was busiest at Bajeviro, working around both heavy rains and a heat wave, in order to complete the new student toilets. Once completed, Bajeviro will have 12 new student toilets, two student showers, and two staff toilets for the entire school. The Sanitation Block has been much anticipated and students and staff alike are ready for its official opening.

Our volunteers in Malawi have an unquestionable impact on the community, but when they team up, the results are truly amazing!  Lena and Anja, while they did not volunteer at the same time, both wanted to help improve Chisomo Nursery School.  They combined their fundraising efforts and have started to substantially change the face of the under-equipped school.  The first phase of the improvements was to construct a toilet near the school for the children and community members, which was completed this month.  Construction on an addition to the minuscule classroom has already begun.  Stay tuned for more updates!



January 2016

help2kids Tanzania prepared for the end of the holidays and beginning of the school year in January. As the former Standard 7 class at Bajeviro readied for their first classes in Secondary School, the Children’s Home sent all 31 children back to school with new uniforms, books, and school supplies. After nearly a month and a half of holiday leave, the children were more than ready to head back, seeing old friends and ready to make new ones. Two of the Children’s Home students went into boarding school, saying good-bye to the rest of the help2kids family until their return for Easter holidays.

In Malawi, we purchased solar lights for Kazembe Primary School to enable the standard 8 class to have evening study sessions in preparation for the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education Exam (PSLCEE).  Students must score highly on the PSLCEE if they hope to compete for the limited number of spots available at government secondary schools.  The students are now able to study at night in a well-lit classroom instead of straining their eyes and risking their health while studying under exterior lights, near expensive candles, or hazardous kerosene lamps.

Digna present Christmas Holidays in Malawi 

December 2015

At Bajeviro Primary School our Education Sponsorship Coordinator provided tutoring sessions for the school’s recent graduates with the help of volunteers. They celebrated their hard work during a holiday party on Christmas Eve with candy, music, and a movie. Meanwhile the help2kids Children’s Home enjoyed three days of parties: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and the monthly birthday party. Thank you to our supporters who provided donations to help2kids to make the children’s holiday special.

Our Tanzanian team was sad to see some amazing staff work their last days in December: Molli Ferrarello (Fundraising & Marketing Manager), Mari Yogi (Field Manager), and Mama Deme (Children’s Home Caregiver). We thank them for all of their hard work with help2kids and wish them best of luck in the future. help2kids was also happy to welcome back Amy Goeppinger to the role of Volunteer Coordinator in Malawi.

The spirit of giving captivated the Lifuwu community this holiday season. help2kids continues to donate maize and vegetables to maternity patients at the health center, which inspired a local women’s group to clean the health center’s campus and provide a donation of soap. We had a visit from a Zambian preschool teacher who exchanged ideas with our own Tiyanjane Nursery School teachers. To end the holiday season, Tiyanjane teachers gave gifts to one-another during an especially uplifting game of “Secret Santa.”

Malawi staff November

November 2015

November was a month of hard work and celebration in Tanzania. Our Health Project created and launched an HIV/AIDS Workshop at Bajeviro Primary School for Standards 1 through 7. These sessions educated students on what HIV is, preventative measures, and why we celebrate World AIDS Day. The project also partnered with Restless Development for a series of Sexual and Reproductive Health workshops at our partner schools and orphanages. In addition, our team welcomed help2kids President and Founder Frank Hakenjos back to Tanzania. We wrapped up his visit with a productive meeting in which we discussed the exciting future of help2kids. We then celebrated everyone’s hard work with a staff party at Karibu Art Gallery. Lots of dancing and great food were the perfect ways to end a long month!

help2kids Malawi continued to make strides with the safe motherhood initiative and clinic garden projects as more women are drawn to deliver their children at Lifuwu Health Center. We proudly unveiled the recently completed clinic building this month, sponsored by Konda Ku Lifuwu. Frank Hakenjos of help2kids, Ministry of Health officials, and traditional royalty attended an opening ceremony for the building. Frank also thanked help2kids employees and community partners at a staff appreciation luncheon during his visit. We finished the month by celebrating the United States holiday Thanksgiving by enjoying a delicious meal with our volunteers.

Two football players square off one-on-one Three women hold up the fresh greens from the first harvest

October 2015

In Tanzania, October brought an exciting football game as part of the help2kids Sports Program, pitting the Bajeviro Rainbows against Mbezi Beach Primary School. The highly anticipated game drew in a crowd of over one hundred people. Mbezi Beach Primary was a tough test for Bajeviro, but the Rainbows came out on top, winning 1-0.

This month in Malawi we saw our innovative clinic garden, part of our safe motherhood initiative, sprout from seeds and mature. Within two weeks of its first harvest the garden was able to feed 35 women. Blankets, sheets, and reed mats were also donated to the clinic as part of this program. Our volunteers continue to make a difference in the community through projects like English class and were even invited to attend a local wedding this month.

Both Tanzania and Malawi celebrated the births of happy, healthy baby girls in October. In Tanzania, Teacher Happy Esther from Mwandaliwa Nursery School welcomed her daughter Purity and in Malawi, our volunteer/cook Annie gave birth to daughter Shila. We're happy to have some new additions to the help2kids family.

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September 2015

The help2kids teams in Tanzania and Malawi were able to collaborate on some exciting projects during the month of September. Together the staff and volunteers promoted the launch of our new crowdfunding platform, myhelp2kids.org. This exciting new site makes it easy for anyone to support projects in Tanzania and Malawi and allows for a great deal of personalization. We hope everyone is as excited for the new platform as we are!

At Bajeviro Primary School in Tanzania, the Standard 7 students finished their final exams and had their graduation ceremony. The students are now coming in on weekends to prepare for secondary school in January. We are working hard to find new sponsors to ensure that every student who graduated can move onto secondary school and continue their education.

At help2kids Malawi, our education activities began again for a new school year with volunteers assisting at Kazembe, and Aids Toto club once again gaining momentum at Lifuwu Basic. We are supporting seven secondary school students this year through sponsorships, the largest our program has ever been. Our newest project is a garden which will supply expecting mothers at the health center with nutritious meals while they wait to deliver their babies.

At the end of the month, Mari and Molli from our Tanzania office had the privilege of traveling to Malawi to meet up with Nicole and Chris. The four attended the Lake of Stars Festival on Lake Malawi, one of the largest music and culture festivals in Africa. help2kids was selected to be a part of a small group of NGOs with a presence at the event and met some amazing people interested in our mission. After the festival our staff members were able to collaborate and discuss each other’s projects.

 Members of Association Ofirdaws painted the bedrooms of the Children's Home. Safari Malawi 2015

August 2015

August brought a full house at the Friendly Gecko in Tanzania, with many awesome volunteers filling the projects. We welcomed Association Ofirdaws, who spent a week with us, painting the Children’s Home and donating new mattresses for all the children and ceiling fans to Mwandaliwa Nursery School.

We said goodbye to our wonderful Children’s Home and Education Coordinator, Mathilde Simon, who is heading home to Paris and will be missed here in Tanzania. We also welcomed Justine LeDonne to the position, and are excited to have her join the team!

August was a busy month for help2kids Malawi! John and Heidi, teachers from the UK, came and conducted excellent training workshops for all of the nursery and primary school teachers in Lifuwu and donated many teaching supplies. Their generous fundraising efforts also supported a trip to Kuti Wildlife Reserve for our secondary school sponsorship students, who saw many wild animals for the first time. At the clinic, we planted a garden to supply vegetables for expecting mothers waiting to deliver and their caretakers, and provide nutritious food for children living with HIV.



July 2015

July was a busy month for our team in Tanzania with three new employees joining our staff. We welcomed Francisco from Spain as Education Sponsorship Coordinator, Gavin from the U.S. as Marketing Coordinator, and Imerine from the Arusha region of Tanzania as a help2kids intern, currently helping with our Health Project. We also enjoyed a visit from our board member Kurt Widmer with his wife Marianne and celebrated the annual Sports Day at Bajeviro Primary School. 

For the yearly assessments of pre-school students in Malawi, Tiyanjane Nursery School hosted a competition among the three nursery schools in Lifuwu. While both Chisomo and Tiyanjane performed extremely well, Chisomo edged out Tiyanjane by a small margin. It was wonderful for the community to see the excellent work all three schools are doing.



June 2015

help2kids Tanzania welcomed a new Volunteer Coordinator in June. Originally from Rome, Fabrizio comes to Tanzania with extensive international experience working in Malta, France, and Portugal, and volunteering in Kenya and Peru.

June also marked first term break for Bajeviro Primary School, Mwandaliwa Nursery School, and some of our kids at the help2kids Children's Home. The kids at the Children's Home received their semester reports from school and Kulwa, Dorie, and Angel were all in the top three of their respective classes, with Kulwa first in his class of 33. 

help2kids Malawi saw its first sponsored student graduate from secondary school. Fyness graduated from Beautiful Gate Academy. Fryness is the daughter of Patson, one of the guards at the Friendly Gecko in Malawi. Congratulations Fyness! help2kids Malawi also constructed four ramps at Kazembe Primary School in June to make it handicap accessible and assisted with a community health workshop on adhering to ARV treatment for people living with HIV. 



May 2015

We welcomed Melisa Yorgancioğlu to Tanzania as the new Health Project Manager. Melisa earned her MSC in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science and before joining the team, worked with youth living with HIV/AIDS at an NGO in London. 

At the end of May, help2kids attended the Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races. Staff members occupied a booth at the event and raised money and awareness for the Food Program at Bajeviro Primary School.

In Malawi, Standard 8 students across the country took one of the most important exams of their lives, which determines whether they are able to attend secondary school. The Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education Exam is a gruelling three day test lasting the entire day. It leaves very little time for the children to go home to eat, so help2kids provided snacks in the morning before tests began and lunch during the (brief) mid-day break so that the students did not have to write their exams on empty stomachs. Thanks to the two help2kids volunteers whose kind donations made this initiative possible!


April 2015

In Tanzania, Alvin, a standard five student at Bajeviro, was recognized in a ceremony in the city center for ranking among the top seven students in his standard throughout all of Dar es Salaam. It was a great day and we are all very proud of Alvin!


In Malawi, volunteers worked with staff of the Friendly Gecko to develop computer skills through one-on-one tutoring sessions. Our staff has already started to display great progress in these sessions. 



March 2015

We said goodbye to Thommo Hart, our Marketing Manager who did an excellent job in his role in Tanzania, and welcomed Molli Ferrarello, as the new help2kids Marketing Manager. Molli is a recent graduate of James Madison University, double majoring in International Affairs and Media Arts and Design. She is thrilled and excited to be part of help2kids Team Africa.

In Malawi, feeding programs began at both primary schools in the village where we work. help2kids volunteers donated the materials to construct a structure that serves as the cooking and eating areas for these programs. A big thanks to those that donated time and materials to the project! 


February 2015

In Tanzania, help2kids staff and volunteers began painting the classroom at Mwandaliwa Nursery School, our newest project. Volunteers also began helping the teacher in the classroom specifically, with teaching English to the nursery school students.  

In Malawi, great progress was made on the new clinic building with expert carpentry assistance by help2kids volunteer Andreas. 



January 2015

Martin Kuery and Mathilde Simon joined the help2kids team in Tanzania! Martin is the Education Program Manager and Mathilde is the Children's Home and Education Coordinator. We are thrilled to have them aboard!  

In Malawi, we were able to provide four students with secondary education. Three students are now attending boarding schools while another attends a secondary day school, all thanks to the generosity of education sponsors!