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Sweet Success


This week brought us the best news that we have had so far. Muhali informed me on Friday that we would be getting 11 children from Friends of Don Bosco and that we could pick them up the next day. The orphanage of Friends of Don Bosco has ways too many children and they couldn’t place them somwhere else yet, so they are really happy about our help. However, when I arrived at Friends of Don Bosco, they informed me that I would be getting 12! So Patrick and Muhali went to rent a dala dala, and off we all went to their new home at help2kids in Mbezi Beach. That may have been one of the happiest days of my life, as I danced and played with all of our new kids for the entire day (and everyday since).  


Our house has now come alive with laughter and a LOT of singing! While the peace and quiet may have gone, waking up to the sound of kids playing on the slide is even better! Just walking from the kitchen back to my office, I get about 7 kisses and even more hugs. The girls all love to play with my hair and the boys love it when I kick the soccer ball (or football, for my none American friends) harder than they do! 

Today, I took half of the children to the doctor to do the standard malaria and HIV tests. They were full of smiles before they saw the needles! While there was some crying and screaming during the blood tests, all was well as soon as I handed out the lollipops. Unfortunately, the tests showed that one of our new friends is HIV positive. The good news is that we are fully dedicated to the health and well-being of our children and she will receive all of the care that she needs, thanks to the generosity of our doctor friend at the Kawe hospital. We are also dedicating a few of our health classes to the reality of HIV, e.g. how it is contracted and treated. 

Our children are really being exposed to some positive lessons on others in need such as autism, albinism, and HIV. They understand that they are kids just like themselves and that they deserve the same love and care as everyone else! I am so proud of the children and the way that they accept those that are different from themselves. The little girl with HIV went out to the waiting room and announced it to her friends, who all came and gave her big hugs and kisses. My eyes began to water and I had to turn away because I couldn’t let them see what a cry baby I am! It’s hard not to get emotional and protective over these amazing kids. When I watch them play and sing, my heart swells and all of my worries and stress melt away. 

I am sorry that this blog couldn’t be a bit longer, but my workload has tripled since our new kids have arrived! Please continue to read about our happy home here, and don’t forget to let us know if you have any questions or comments! 

One more announcement, we have successfully registered with PayPal donations and now you can help us provide the care necessary for all of these kids that desperately need it. If you would like to donate ANY amount, please click the PayPal button below. Anything and everything is appreciated!