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help2kids 10 Year Anniversary


help2kids 10 Year Anniversary

We are excited to share with you our ten years of saving the community. It has been a long, exciting journey to protect children from vulnerable backgrounds. help2kids has grown from one project in Tanzania with a single child to more than eight projects in Tanzania and Malawi with more than 2,000 beneficiaries.  We have worked with the community especially children from ages 4 to 18 and women by providing them with quality health care, good education, safe and loving home and nutritious food. Our goal is to create the best environment for every child to grow despite their background. We empower and bring out the best from our children.



One of the countries help2kids is operating with more than 50 staff working at the ground more than 800 beneficiaries from five projects. In Tanzania, we have a warm and loving house for over 30 children at our children’s home that provide a home for orphans and at-risk children. We also have health project which has five partners with over 800 members who benefit from covered hospital costs such as treatment tests and medication, workshops, and first aid kit.


Education is an essential tool to uplift society which is why help2kids invest in education. help2kids supports a primary school in which we give free primary education, health care, and nutritious food to more than 400 children who are coming from less privileged environments. Also, we support elementary education in a fishermen village around Kunduchi by providing a nursery school to children age 4 to 7.


Our education projects go beyond primary education by having an Education Sponsorship Program for children who have shown exceptional academic achievement in primary school to pursue their secondary education. Furthermore, as many within the Tanzanian population are illiterate, help2kids developed an evening program for the adults to improve their English speaking skills and raise illiteracy rate in the small village of Kunduchi.



help2kids expanded its operation to Malawi in which most of the programs are based on education and health for children and mothers. We support a nursery school and a primary school in the small village of Lifuwu which has more than 700 kids getting a free education. After their primary school kids who have performed well, join the sponsorship program in which they further their studies to secondary school and later college.


The health project operates in three areas. First, is through maternity feeding program in which pregnant women are educated on healthy living and supported to eat nutritious foods. Another program is the health clinic where help2kids supports more than 2000 people in three villages. We provide all necessary health support to the villagers and ensure the clinic is well equipped. Also, help2kids supports HIV/AIDS patients by providing medical attention and workshops to the infected people and the community around.



help2kids is celebrating the biggest success of its operation for ten years of uplifting the community from vulnerable backgrounds by helping children explore their potential and get quality basic needs as other kids. We have succeeded in being the voice to the children by showing the world that each child deserves the best and can achieve greatness if given the opportunity.


After ten years we were able to have our own campus with a loving home for children, an office place for all staff, and recreation area for kids to learn and refresh. Our campus is located at Kunduchi, and it has space to accommodate additional children and staff.



We would like to thank everyone who has been with us along the way. The success we see is all due to the donations, sponsorship, and encouragement from all help2kids supporters. We are grateful and appreciate all the effort and hard work from our teams on the ground. Board members, management, and the staff have been doing a great job to make sure help2kids continues to grow. As a growing medium size NGO, we are grateful, and we are forever thankful.


Happy Holidays!

from help2kids team